This is the powerpoint from the speech I gave Tuesday:

Agora Vancouver 2010

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8 Responses to “Agora Symposium Slideshow”

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  2. drewburn says:

    Barry, where did the picture with “The On Going Housing Overhang” title come from? Pretty neat.


    BR: Dhaval Joshi, Chief Strategist at London based hedge fund RAB Capital. He published a research piece at The Big Picture last week: The $4 Trillion Dollar Question

  3. You must be a barrel of fun at parties


    BR: I am!

    This is part of my work — explaining our macro economic and investing viewpoints to interested people.

    At parties, I tend to drink too much and grab random women’s asses, invite strangers back for threesomes, and snort lots of coke engage in witty banter.

  4. insaneclownposse says:

    Those are great slides. The one I don’t understand is slide 33 – the composite of the secular bear markets. The caption reads “we are likely to be over halfway in the rebound rally. we will be watching our market timing indicators…… to time the peak of the rebound rally.”

    So, you believe that the little cyclical bull market is intact? I think you should come out and say that on the blog in a post that details how much farther the market is going up because all the economic indicators are rolling over and while the market can rally in the face of another downturn, it’s unlikely to go far if all the hedgies are circling waiting for a decent bounce so they can short the crap out of equities.

    The public came in one time since the bottom in 2009 and took stocks off of the pros hands back in March while the market went straight up for weeks. That was the top of the rally. You think the public is going to come back again after the disaster of May and June? The game now is to drive stocks down to the point where the public will sell stocks to the pros at any price. There are still a lot of stocks to be sold by the public as they hold 25% of their assets in equities.


    BR: That slide is from Morgan Stanley Europe, and when it first was published it was mid 2009.

    Good eye, I forgot about that — but its the chart that is significant, not the caption.

    I first published that here last summer: Four Stages of Secular Bear Markets

  5. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Slide #5 needs a perforated hockey mask superimposed over the face.

    Slides 7 & 8 are not for those suffering from vertigo.

    Slide 9: Is it overly optimistic to extend to the years 2011, 2013, and 2015?

    Slide 10: AWESOME!

    Slide 14: Should be included Wikipedia’s definition of ominous…

    Slide 42: Caruso Cabrera repeating Dennis Kneale repeating Larry Kudlow …

    Slide 54: I hope that’s in regard to buy-side biased analysts…

  6. comet52 says:

    You need your own show on Bloomberg. I suggest, “Slide 54, Where Are You?” for a working title.

  7. speaking of Slide 14, was that taken on the Outer Banks (NC) ?

    and, (not) speaking of snorting Coke, those MEW charts speak Volumes.. it says so much about the ‘Spending Attitudes’, of the ‘Cained Peep, during the ’000′s.
    those charts from RAB Capital are great Grist..should be sobering to those thinking about their portents..
    Slide 45 — more proof that “Wall Street” taught you ~90 % of what you needed to know about ‘Wall St.’

    (“Their Analysts don’t know Preferred Stock from Livestock..”–Gordon Gekko)

    nice assemblage, interesting that these types of Posts draw so few Comments..

    “it’s their loss”

  8. hkm1 says:

    Great show. Thanks for making it public.
    Is it possible to download this without having to become entwined in the aggressive tentacles of Facebook and Scribd (he says, up to his eyeballs in wiggling WordPress probes)?