Nice interactive graphic from the FT on reforming the financial system


The financial centers covered in the graphic are: US, European Union, UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan.

Category: Bailouts, Regulation

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3 Responses to “Reforming the global financial system”

  1. beaufou says:

    What does this thing mean?
    In essence, it will lower the risk of banks going bust and bla bla bla.
    Banks are struggling to make a stealing nowadays, they have lived well beyond the real economies means and are now looking for ways to keep the ball rolling.
    I don’t care if they are safe or not, I want this group of thieves to be gone, they can take their wealth and
    fuck off to some island and leave the rest of humanity live.
    Nobody needs a healthy Goldman Sachs with an 18% unemployment rate and over 40 million people living on food stamps, nobody, why do we give a shit about them?
    What exactly do they offer to the economy other than the massive amount of money the Fed are giving to them and recycling it into self serving derivatives?
    Nothing, this is why we have an 18% unemployment rate and 40 million people on food stamps.
    The global financial system cannot be reformed, it is a cancer we have to eradicate.

  2. mathman says:

    Reforming the Global Financial System – fat chance. ["same as it ever was" - Talking Heads]

  3. and3togo4 says:

    It is very easy for those so inclined to trace the history of how we got here, but there are many still denying the causes. What I would like to see are recomendations to improve the economy without increasing the deficit. No more smoke and mirrors or off balance sheet chicanery. No tax deductions for offshoring jobs. Good honest work for good honest pay. Sircharges for high CEO pay above 30 times worker pay. Remember Perot’s giant sucking sound?

    One thing that would help would be a small raise for workers! Corporations are flush with cash. Henry Ford paid his workers $5 an hour so his workers could afford to buy a car. People can’t buy if they don’t make enough to pay their bills. Wages have been flat for years while upper 1% has gone up 100% or more, but they don’t spend it. They invest in third world countries.

    Another is to “BUY AMERICAN”. Let’s use our brains together to deluge those in power to enact legislation that helps rich and poor alike, or we are going down together. Wealth is created by Ideas not by giving tax cuts to those who don’t use them here.