Here is the follow up to Climate Change: The Scientific Debate:

4. Climate Change — Gore vs. Durkin

This video, the fourth in my Climate Change series, looks at urban myths spawned by two iconic films — An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle. Whatever you “believe” about climate change, there is no excuse for the kind of exaggerations, fallacies and fabrications we see in films like these. My aim is to cut through the junk science designed to evangelize this issue, and show what the actual scientific research shows us.


(The video cuts short at the end, and the final sentence should read: “As I look at more of the urban myths they’ve spawned.”)

5. Climate Change — isn’t it natural?

More urban myths about climate change are busted as I look at the Earth’s climate over the last 500 million years. What causes it to change? Since carbon dioxide was much higher in the past, why do climatologists say higher CO2 now poses a problem? And of course there’s the familiar myth that CO2 can’t influence temperatures because the climate was much colder in the past when carbon dioxide levels were much higher.


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If you have a problem with any of the research that has been done into climate change, please do not waste your time discussing it on YouTube. Write a paper and have it published in a respected, peer-reviewed journal. And no use complaining to me if you think you have found flaws in the work of a particular researcher, write to them and let them know. They will be absolutely delighted to hear from you.


6. Climate Change — Those hacked e-mails

Now that the conspiracy theorists have blown off steam, it’s time for a more sober analysis of those e-mails and what they mean. I can’t go through all of them, there are far too many, and . So I’ve taken the two that seem to be getting conspiracy theorists most worked up — Phil Jones’s e-mail about “Mike’s Nature trick” and Kevin Trenberth’s e-mail about a “travesty.” I’m glad to see that skeptic websites that cover the science understand what these e-mails actually mean. As you’ll see, very few commentators who jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon even before reading the e-mails managed to get it right.

The Trenberth paper can be found at…

Coming soon: Parts 7, 8, 8a

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4 Responses to “The Scientific Debate on Climate Change: Part 4, 5, 6”

  1. FrancoisT says:

    Nothing more satisfying than witnessing an implacable, vise-grip logic making chopped liver out of the Everest-sized steaming pile of grade-AAA bullshit propaganda.

  2. gordonq says:

    Ho hum, FrancoisT. Have you thought about what you are personally going to do about global warming? Are you just going to sit in the cheap seats and rout for your team? I suppose you can vote, but some other vote may cancel yours out. If you really want to make a difference you can drive something smaller, less distances and downsize your dwelling. But wait, someone may make the opposite choice. No, what may be needed is something that hurts – like extracting money – and then backing that up with courts and police powers. Hey, this is getting fun. But wait, what will we do with other countries; how do we punish them? Oh crap, this is not looking like as much fun, but we do have armed forces.

    Well Francois, what are your thoughts?

  3. cyaker says:

    I don’t know. It sounds good but equating Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh…give me a break also in Gore vs. Durkin he admits that Gore is exaggerating and Durkin is lying and fabricating data. Now that’s hardly an equivalency. Equating Gore’s exaggeration to the impossibility (at least I think) of the Empire State Building turning into a banana split – what’s up with that? I really don’t know what it says about the rest of his piece as honest and balanced as it seems to the uninitiated. Frankly I think Risk and Pascal’s Theorem trumps the whole debate as Barry has previously posted.

  4. ronin says:

    The last video was awful not sobering. Of course this entire scam could be perpetrated, we are talking about needy Scientists here that love to suckle the “teet” of Big Government and Corporations. They will basically manipulate anything for anyone with deep pockets. And if everyone’s doing it, why not hop on the money train?

    Come on Ritholtz, money corrupts! You work in finance for goshsakes so this should be fundamental knowledge. Just ask your analyst buddies on the Street, they create magic and sell dreams with skewed data and statistics.

    There’s huge money to be made in “global warming,” and where there’s huge money, there’s a huge pile of smelly doo-doo too!