USA Today:

Proving that there’s almost limitless potential for new versions of its iconic pony car, Ford Motor is reaching back 42 years to dust off one of its most famous names.

It’s bringing back the Mustang Boss 302. The original Mustang Boss 302 made its debut in 1968. Following its pattern, Ford is adding performance parts, a fancy paint job and a famous name to try to evoke nostalgia for a more carefree era.

Power is 440 HP; Ford hasn’t disclosed prices yet, but Ford marketing says the Boss 302 will be more than a Mustang GT ($29,645), but less than the Shelby GT 500 ($48,645).

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Racing trim



Return engagement

Pictures From Ford, via Automobile, CNN

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2 Responses to “2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca package”

  1. Marcus says:

    A FREE Ford Boss Mustang?

    I’m in. I so want one of these in my garage.

    Ford Motor Co bought my last new car. Yep. A free car from Ford, also it was tax free.

    When Ford stock was $1.70 March 2009, I put 5,000 shares in my Roth account. Ten months later when Ford stock was $11, I took out the earnings (tax free) and took possession of a shiny new, bright red, Ford Transit. A cash -for-clunker trade really sweetened the deal. My Roth was unaltered for the year, and a new Ford was in my garage. And I never thought I would live long enough to say this, I love my new Ford.

    OK let’s reup. I really want the Mustang Boss 302, a bright yellow convertible. How can I get this one free from Ford.

    Ford stock is going up and up (Chrysler and Government Motors are zombies, Toyota has sticky pedals, and the Chinese Geelys aren’t here yet). Ford is the place to be. Ford stock is sitting at $11.70 today with a forward PE of 7. Wow! Another opportunity for a free car.

    Plan A. Buy stock. At the historic S&P average PE, 14, Ford should be a $23.40/share. I’m confident on Wednesday, November 3 when the curse of Democrat supermajority is lifted, Ford will be there. If I buy 3,416 shares in my Roth account (Cost $40K), and Ford doubles, the Boss is mine. I take half out of the Roth (again tax free), and take possession. With the Roth account unaltered for the year!

    Plan B. Buy calls. In the current climate of pessimism and low volume, January 2011 Ford $22.5 calls are bid a penny, offer two cents. Yep believe it or not, penny calls. Be a sport and offer two cents. My Roth fiduciary, Fidelity Investments, will only let me trade 200 contracts a day ($420 in this case). So in five days next week I can have the needed 1,000 contracts. I used the current out of the money September $12 calls as a reference ($0.44 per contract). Using that metric, when Ford hits $22 the day after the election this Fall, my two penny calls will rise by a factor of 22, netting $46K for and investment of $2,100 (earnings minus trading costs). I take $40K out of the Roth (again tax free), make $5K, and take possession of my yellow beauty. Again with the Roth account unaltered for the year!

    OK we are getting fantasies on the cheap here. What about a new 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago, wholesale $450K? Or even better the same car for $375K slightly used from Split your Roth into 5 accounts, and buy 200 January contracts in each account for 20 days, and the gross take is $461K, enough for the Murcielago, insurance, gas, and a new garage. As Gordon Gekko said, greed is good.

    Oh the possibilities. Do I have the guts to do it? Hummmmmmmmmmmmm??????

  2. crabby says:

    Had one of the very first Mustangs, and would still have it if not for foreign duty.

    Anyone that has followed the Mustang since its introduction in 1964 understand the schizo treatment it received from Ford. Remember the puny Falcon alternative?

    Finally they’ve solved the equation and the Mustang is once again the fun car it was designed to be. Hopefully they have learned not to grow cars in size. Think Thunderbird.

    My suspicion is they know they have timeless unique styling – branding. And they will keep it. Like BMW.