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16 Responses to “Double Dip Recession”

  1. TakBak04 says:

    Well…it’s a problem…for sure..

    But: One Could ask…”We don’t know what to do…but we are trying to do what our Wall St. Experts in our Administration tell us !”

    who…..as opposed to the Sarah Palin RIGHT….who SCREAMS and YELLS with their “powers” of the “Chamber of Commerce,” and , in addition the RW Think Tanks who support Major Lobbyists…like: “AEI, Heritage Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, CATO Institute, Hudson Foundation, Manhattan Project, Concord Coalition, Religious Right, Kissinger Partners, Notable K-Street Lobbyists and other lesser funded projects who coalesce to support Grover Norquist, Franklin Graham and the Kagan Brothers. There are more……!

    So…in a Democracy/Republic…..how does one go up against these Formidable Foes?

    “DON’T DO SOMETHING…STAND THERE” is the MANTRA of the those who want to Rehab the FAILED BUSH II Policies!

    So….”What WILL WORK?”

  2. franklin411 says:

    Love this cartoon!

  3. crabby says:

    This cartoon nails it. If it were not so true it might be funny. Kind of like George Carlin. Fitz has been doing this for decades. Got to be one of the best.

    IMHO, he knows where we are and what’s happening.

  4. ubnutsagain says:

    Two boobs in a cartoon.


  5. Winston Munn says:

    Cartoon proof positive that both boobs in a pair are not the same size.

  6. dss says:

    Everyone knows that tax cuts are the only way out of this mess. After all, they worked so well before!

  7. nothing like using ‘Cartoons’(this one) to further the Day’s [Daze'] Agitprop ‘Meme du Jour’( the Zandi/Blinder False ‘Counter-Factual’/’Strawman’ — Logical fallacy )

    but, isn’t that Graph-line inverted?

    yes, of course, We all know it’s Always the Rates, never the Rules, their Enforcement, or lack thereof..

    send your regards to AG “Bag” Holder, I’m sure He’ll appreciate your oversight–almost as much as many appreciate his..

  8. nice proofing..

    the bottom Comment @ dss

  9. HEHEHE says:

    While I get always get a chuckle out of anybody poking fun at politicians the real joke is its the politicians and their corporate paymasters over the past 20 years that got us into this mess.

    BTW TIMID?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Those clowns, Republicans and Democrats(there’s no real difference between the two) spent $11T between all the stimulus packages and other idiotic bailouts and we got two or three friggin quarters of “growth”. The only thing that will lead to recovery is to force all those garbage assets off the government balance sheets back onto the TBTF banks, let them go bankrupt and break them up and let all the rest of the people in this country who spent the past decade living beyond their means declare bankruptcy, let their homes foreclose or whatever the hell else they need to do. Believe me the people living beyond their means weren’t confined to the lower classes either.

    At the end of the day we never left the first recession. We just wasted a lot of money. We’ll continue to waste a lot of money if we do the same thing and the system is not cleared.

  10. kstills says:

    Echoing what Hehehe has said, how in the world does the Author support any more stimulus?

    Every major study, including the one done recently on the government efforts to mitigate the effects of this crisis, has shown that government spending costs more then it generates in private sector economic growth.

    Of course it does, otherwise you would have a ‘perpetual economic machine’.

    So lets drop the pretense that spending money we don’t have will make money that we haven’t earned. We dug a deep hole thanks to folks in both parties and our own greed, now we have to climb out of it. And it’s gonna be painful and slow, but if we start now we won’t be dooming our children to living out their lives like public servants in Greece.

  11. tawm says:

    This cartoon lets Dip#1 off too easily — jeez, the left’s only fault is not enough “stimulus?’ (what a misnomer!) But of course Dip #2 is targetted front and center.

  12. willid3 says:

    i am not sure we really ever left the recession from 2001. we never ever recovered the jobs that were lost, had the most tepid (if not right out and out freezing) job growth ever (in spite of being sold so many different …giveaways to corporates and top 1% as being job creators. seems to be a big experiment that has failed disastrous).
    and i suspect we really have just one party …just has 2 branches.

  13. TakBak04 says:

    Reply to: Mark E Hoffer Says:
    August 22nd, 2010 at 8:05 am

    nothing like using ‘Cartoons’(this one) to further the Day’s [Daze'] Agitprop ‘Meme du Jour’( the Zandi/Blinder False ‘Counter-Factual’/’Strawman’ — Logical fallacy )


    Didn’t I see you give a Link to Grover Norquist’s Site? on a thread on one of BR’s Posts!

    Are you shilling for Norquist? I think that would be kind of bizarre!

  14. mgkurilla says:

    It’s never made sense to me to define a double dip from a change in the slope of the rate of change for GDP. It’s much more reasonable to define a double dip as as occurring only after GDP has returned to the previous pre-recession value. Who’s to say we may dip again versus dip some more).

    As for how long (or short) you need to call it a double dip versus just another recession, how about doing something economists seem incapable of: calculate the average time between recessions (after eliminating the obvious double dips) and determine a standard deviation (using a Poisson distribution, rather than a Gaussian). If it occurs more quickly than expected, it’s a double dip.

  15. andrewp111 says:

    The cartoon has a V-shaped rise after the second dip. I think that is unrealistic. Prolonged depression is more like it.