In case you missed it, our interview with Felix Zulauf  is here


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3 Responses to “Felix Zulauf Interview”

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  2. laBear says:

    great interview…would be cool if you could have transcription to be able to ‘power read’ for future :)

  3. victor says:

    Great insights from this Swiss guy; essentially repeating Bernard Baruch’s : “two plus two equals four and no one has ever invented a way of getting something for nothing.” Then, 3 years later during the depths of economic and financial gloom he opined just the opposite: “Two plus two still equals four,” he said, “and you can’t keep mankind down for long.”

    US gov. going bust? Not a chance! just take a look at Uncle Sam’s land holdings on our map among other hard assets, especially in the West, not to mention it’s cash flow (taxes anyone?) from a most productive nation with awesome military power. He has great point about strong leaders and we’re still waiting for one or two…a la W. Germany’s Adenauer or perhaps (for France), Gen. De Gaulle? Probably right on China, a state run capitalist economy with a Communist, but Chinese Communist political system. Here’s a thought, may be Petraeus after being laughed at by Obama, insulted by and now sent to Afghanistan to save us from the Taliban, a most difficult job? may be he’d be the leader we yearn for? I see the US Gov. being privatized as another way of kick starting our economy; just sell off the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf=Federal Waters) and ease our dependency on Middle Eastern oil, but now I’m dreaming…Great job Barry to get Felix.. waiting for encores.. I have no idea about Gold, I suspect I’ll never buy it, I’ll just stick with dollars and act like the proverbial jack rabbit in a hailstorm in Texas: hunker down and take it!