Jess Bachman, via PPC, on the history of search:


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4 Responses to “History of Search”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:


    Uh huh…

  2. gmherger says:

    Are you multi-tasking? Blogging and fishing?

    Good luck!

    That’s pretty close to Heaven. We (12 of us – four father-son teams, plus) just returned from the annual pilgrimage to bass-fish on the Rideau waterway in Ontario, about 40 minutes north of the Thousand Islands Bridge. We go to Don and Tara Blair’s Shangri-la – good fishing, good food, and comfortable accommodations.

  3. msaroff says:

    I’m kind of surprised that the OpenText index is not mentioned.

    They were the first to allow searching for phrases, and were big for 5-10 months. I got a free T-shirt, saying, “The Lights Just Went On in Cyberspace,” (How quaint) for filling out a survey.

  4. Blurtman says:

    Excite@Home! WTF was that all about? How many dim witted Ivy League MBA’s lost millions of other people’s money on crap like this?