I was trying to explain the gear mechanism in a 6 speed to someone, when I found this animation:

The mechanism also called as “stick shift” is used in cars to change gears mannually

via World of Technology

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11 Responses to “Manual Transmission Mechanism”

  1. ashpelham2 says:

    That actually might be more confusing than just a written discription.

  2. DeltaFreq says:

    That’s pretty good. Could you please show us how a toaster works now?

  3. ironman says:

    I see we’re frequenting the same sites – especially if you came upon World of Technology’s post through kottke by way of Core77….

    (While the Maltese Cross mechanism is more impressive IMO, I’m calling dibs on the animation of the torpedo-boat destroyer system for use on my day off this Thursday! )

  4. Joe Retail says:

    DeltaFreq comments: That’s pretty good. Could you please show us how a toaster works now?

    That one’s easy: Toasters DON”T work.

  5. DeltaFreq says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Why don’t they work?

  6. tagyoureit says:

    If you can’t find ‘em, grind ‘em!

    You know, that transmission might just be a hologram at the shell of the universe.

  7. Gator81 says:

    Well, BR, this animation would be for a 4 rather than a 6, but I ‘spose it communicates the concepts of primary- and counter-shaft relationships. And it’s a great way to explain a constant-mesh tranny, plus it shows why, with a constant offset between the axes of the two shafts and a constant helical tooth size, there is a limited number of big-and-little combinations with which to generate different ratios . You can almost see the synchros, although you’d have to know they were there to know what the animation is showing. Nice find! It’s pretty much just like the Super T-10 in my old Chevy, except the “reverse” is.. well, reversed (down-right instead of up-left).
    I’ve never had a 6-speed apart. Does it have a second counter-shaft, or is there one counter-shaft with six cogs?

  8. should be shown side-by-side with an “Automatic Transmission”..

    might put, in stark relief, the high cost(s) of ‘Slush Boxes’…at the min..

    leaving aside the fallout of the ‘Stupidity’ they (ATs) breed..

  9. laturb says:

    I’d be pretty pissed off having thought I had a six speed gearbox when it was only four. However, I’ll cut you some slack, Barry , as you’re an American and have little concept of manual change, which , as an aside, would save American drivers gallons of gas. It would also help them to drive properly!

  10. dsucher says:

    Be better if you could move the shift knob (with the cursor.)

  11. catman says:

    Do the hippy hippy shake. Back in the day I knew a surveyor who had a 50 Ford pick up named Esmeralda. The clutch was out – still lots of fun to drive if you had a good ear for revolution. More recently I tried to talk my wife in to a CRV. She has a bit of furniture Jones, but no, they only offer automatics!