I have to run out to visit The Dylan Ratigan Show 4pm (EST), then on to the other side of city and for CNBC’s Fast Money at 5pm (EST).

I will post videos when they go live on line (feel free to beat me to it in comments)

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9 Responses to “Media Hits”

  1. vine2wine says:

    BR, you are such a playa! Might not want to tell Dylan about your other date his former Mrs. lol

  2. Robert M says:

    You should quit going on Ratigan’s show. He clearly is so enamored of hearing his own voice you can’t explain anything: Hardball also qualifies. You do better on CNBC because they have to frame the question is business terms and aren’t very good at it.

  3. TakBak04 says:

    @Robert M Says:

    Ratigan is a very “loud listen” but his show is very worthwhile watching…unless you prefer the simplistics of Limbaugh and Beck?

    Not dissing you ….but I’ve found folks who diss Ratigan tend to be people who don’t like what he says…so they disagree with his “sometimes bloviating” and trash what he says. Much of what he says is really an opposing viewpoint to Fox News, and CNN (the war channel).

    I’m glad for new voices and Ratigan does know something about Finance and that’s the crux of what we are faced with. HOW DO WE DEAL going FORWARD with the BAIL OUTS with NO ACCOUNTABILITY that are raping our country? Just Steal SS from Old Folks and give more Tax Bail Outs to the RICH 1%?

    Ratigan might seem LOUD…but don’t our times call for Loud?

    He’s not always “my cup of tea” but he is very good in working for Wall Street Reform and other Reforms.

  4. Chief Tomahawk says:

    BR, you should’ve made it 3 appearances in one day–hopped on a plane for Chicago so you to could’ve provided your two cents on the Blagojevich decision. EVERYONE’S gettin’ face time here…

  5. philipat says:

    Hey Barry, your Post was timed 4PM. Cutting it fine?!!

  6. MayorQuimby says:

    BR- Nice job. Keep up the good work!

  7. plantseeds says:

    ratigan needs a new producer, new ideas, and a new time slot. then maybe he can get some new vewiers.
    but first he needs to get off the tabloid tv channel.

  8. Molesworth says:

    Dylan may talk alot but he’s smart as a whip (and rather dishy, I might add)
    Wasting time at MSNBC, they don’t know how to maximize him.
    Love to see him go to Bloomberg.