Bill Black: U.S. Using “Really Stupid Strategy” to Hide Bank Losses
Peter Gorenstein
Yahoo TechTicker, Aug 11, 2010

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2 Responses to “Black: US Using “Really Stupid Strategy” to Hide Bank Losses”

  1. davefromcarolina says:

    I take it this is Old News, fully discounted by the Markets.


    BR: We need a code or symbol for Sarcasm . . .

  2. balanceact says:

    I thought the original comment was typical American hubris.

    The French have a phrase, sometimes done as a simple gesture, that indicates your being “put on”.

    Mon oeil!; my eye! The gesture is to take your index finger and pull one of your eyes wide open (from the bottom), as if to say, “do you see it, dummy!” It’s the opposite of a wink, which is too cute for sarcasm.

    Sometimes I just add “…” to indicate what was just said is unreal.

    Black is so no bullshit.

    Let’s see, Bill Black to run the SEC or maybe the Fed?; Elizabeth Warren to run the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and Brooksley Borne to oversee derivatives. That would be a good start to make the Financial bill actually worth something.