Tired of playing buzzword bingo ?

Then you need Unsuck-it.com — its the cure for terrible business jargon:


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15 Responses to “Unsuck It”

  1. Hans Robert says:

    We love buzzword bingo, customized this one for our purposes some time ago. Makes long video conferences much more enjoyable: http://saksena.net/partygames/bingo/

  2. dead hobo says:

    big eyed friendly unicorns – SEC

    leprechauns with pots of treasure – FOMC

    Uncle Stupid – USG

    magical thinking – Much of Technical Analysis

    magic charts – TA charts that imply the future is predestined

  3. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    “I’m feeling douchey”

    What a freekin’ hoot!

  4. Bill in SF says:

    As Soon As Possible (ASAP) =

    I needed it at 8am this morning, but forgot to send the email request at 8pm last night.

  5. Bokolis says:

    A good amount of these are merely slang. The truly terrible are those that butcher context.

    I’m feeling no more douchey than the Gen Y douchebag that re-engineered the meaning of douchebag. I’m stuck calling these erstwhile douchebags, cunts…which actually turned out to be more fun.

    The punt involves refusing to take responsibility (or “ownership” in BB parlance) and failing to offer any insight beyond “not mine” and such. Since someone might misconstrue use of the word “cunt” as unprofessional, I’ve taken to calling these types, “Louie Aguiar,” as, after one of his shyte kicks, he used to run down and complain to the side judge about the spot.

  6. Julia Chestnut says:

    I tried “incentivize,” which is one of my pet peeves — it quite usefully came up with “motivate, persuade.” Now if we could just translate stupid moronic bosses who don’t think that something is good unless it incorporates every stupid buzzword he just heard about in his last leadership seminar.

    Remember when the huge buzzword was “leverage?” Wonder how that came out. . . . . .

  7. call me ahab says:

    some 0f the unsucked changes suck worse than the suck term you are trying to unsuck. For instance:

    “milestone” now becomes “piece of a project”- ???? As in Apple just hit the 1 million ipad’s sold “piece of the project” ???

    “rainmaker” now becomes “An employee that makes the company a lot of money”- wow- tell me that doesn’t suck worse- and it would really be “an employee who brings in a lot of business” or to use another cliche- a “heavy hitter”

    and then “touch base” unsucked becomes a noun to mean a conversation or meething????? As in we just had a “touch base”????? Shouldn’t it be a verb- “touch base” = “contact”

    anyway- I hope no-one calls me a douche rocket

  8. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    paradigm = model.

  9. Patrick Neid says:

    the bottom line=”well tickle my taint”…..LOL

  10. phb says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the post.

  11. catman says:

    Doable – please. Orientated – what? Runrate – wear a sign that says kick me. Motherfucking crook – I look forward to it on a future conference call.

  12. TBPfan says:

    An oldie but goodie – “Thinking outside the box”. I just used it tonight in a conversation with reference to the application of concepts in one area of life to another for scientific advances that are being made. However, when I hear it being used all the time in business environments as a mantra, it’s a farce ; truthfully, most people are incapable of actually being able to abstract ideas and apply it to other areas.

  13. bergsten says:

    Two of my “favorites”…

    “Give me your input.” Even computer people who should know better use this. You cannot get “input.” You receive input. You give output.

    “I don’t disagree.” Say what? This is a slimy way of making people think that you agree while what you are really sahing is that you don’t necessarily agree or disagree.

  14. ToNYC says:

    But I digress..why do buyers make offers on houses when they have nothing to offer but a bid?

  15. hkm1 says:

    My two candidates for most unbearably irritating pomposity:

    1. “reach out to”
    The site unsucks this as “contact or inform”, but that still seems like giving it way too much importance. It really should be just “talk to, speak to”.

    2. “craft” (as in to ‘craft’ a letter)
    Not sure how they missed this contemptibly self-important gem, but I have just added it on the site. The unsuck is: “to write”.