Fascinating graphic art looking into our title question over at Recombinant Records — an oddly intriguing  series of cartoons by Stuart McMillen.


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Hat tip Josh

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6 Responses to “Who Was Right: Huxley or Orwell ?”

  1. wunsacon says:

    Forget who was/is right! In the top pic, who has better hair??

  2. a good thought piece, though, for an answer: Bet on, Both.

  3. eightnine2718281828mu5 says:

    Orwell feared the government (right wing), Huxley feared corporatism (left wing).

    Marx didn’t have a monopoly on social systems based on the presumption of the malleability of human nature; likewise, conservatives believe that man is imperfect but can be corrected through social policies (religious indoctrination, corporate paternalism/intrusion, etc)

  4. Bill in SF says:

    They both kind of missed the mark a bit. They were describing a world distorted by government and technology.

    Yet, here we are in the 21st century still being jacked around by religious crackpots of all flavors engaging in fundamentalist intellectual extortion.

  5. I was buying into the pleasure is our poison argument but then I thought about how many people are becoming enslaved to their jobs just to keep up. Their pleasures are killing them and desensitizing them only because it costs so much time to pay for them. That tends to squeeze everything else out. We do have our vices but they are becoming fewer and they all take second fiddle to the job that pays for them

  6. ronin says:


    I believe it’s a tie:

    1. Orwell – Bush would have never been elected twice without the corporate propaganda machine exploiting 9/11 and fear.

    2. Huxley – Obama would have never been elected without Oprah and the confused TV/video game generation.