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Credit Crisis Legacy

Insight on whether AIG and Citi exits are putting the credit crisis behind us, with Barry Ritholtz, FusionIQ.

Sept. 30 2010 | 1:00 DT ET

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iPad Purchase?

Every day, I spend anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours on public transportation (round trip). A few times a year, that can double when the trains are disrupted by fires, tornadoes, etc. I usually drag a mess of printed flotsam and detritus — a newspaper or 3 back and forth (NYT, WSJ, FT), as…Read More

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Media Appearance: CNBC’s Fast Money (9/30/10)

> Tonite I will be on Fast Money on CNBC at 5:10pm discussing the AIG & Citi bailouts, why AIG isn’t really repaying the government back anything. I also will see if we can squeeze in our advice to Goldman Sachs on their new ad campaign. I’ll post the video when it goes live. Should…Read More

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AIG Repaying Uncle Sam? Not By a Long Shot

Today’s AIG announcement has generated some surprisingly naive headlines. The company may have announced U.S. bailout exit plan, but that does not make it so. (Citi’s numbers don’t look any better). Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and separate the facts from fiction: Total Bailout: $182.3 billion dollars Amount Still Owed:  $132.1 billion…Read More

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Tom Keene’s New TV Show

For those of you who are not in the heart of the NY media beast, this may be a little bit “Inside Baseball,” but Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene is about to launch a new TV show, starting Monday at Noon. The show will be one part Bloomberg Surveillance, one part Charlie Rose. Faster moving than…Read More

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Top 10 Ideas for Goldman Sachs New Ad Campaign

Its been a challenging few years for Goldman Sachs. The financial collapse, the bailouts, the SEC case. That damned Matt Taibbi refuses to go away (what the hell is a Vampire Squid, anyway?). Their latest plan: A PR campaign designed to show the softer side of Goldman, letting the public know what they really do…Read More

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Stocks in Sept, REAL vs NOMINAL

In nominal terms and assuming no big change today, Sept will be the 2nd best on record for the S&P 500, a great run of almost 10%. Let’s look at the gain in another context. As is done with economic data to take out the influence of inflation, a REAL calculation is done to deflate…Read More

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Chicago PMI solid but need to see ISM

Sept Chicago PMI was much better than expected at 60.4 vs the forecast of 55.5 and up from 56.7 in Aug and 62.3 in July. The internals however were mixed. New Orders rose 6.4 pts to 61.4 but just puts it back in line with the 6 month avg of 61.3. Production, which follow new…Read More

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PIG and Japan and China! Oh my!

Moody’s downgraded Spain from its top rating but is only now in line with Fitch and still a notch above S&P. From the maturing 225b euros owed to the ECB, 29.4b euros were rolled into 6 day bills today and 104b into 3 mo bills yesterday. The less than expected take from the ECB has…Read More

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Post # 15,000

This is The Big Picture‘s 15,000th post. By the numbers: 15,000 Posts 79 Categories 2,066 Tags 278,977 Comments 65,127, 737 Page Views You have no idea how much I appreciate the input and kind words from readers, colleagues and supporters. Freakin amazing .  . .

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