Within the July TIC data where $61.2b of net US assets were bought by foreigners, above expectations of $61.2b, the Japanese continued to close the gap with China in terms of their holdings of US Treasuries. Japan was the biggest buyer in July, purchasing a net $17.4b and taking their holdings to $821b. Mainland China (as opposed to Hong Kong where there was net selling in July) bought $3b of Treasuries but only $873mm of it was in notes and bonds with most of it going into short term bills. The net inflow from China follows net selling of a total of $56.5b in the prior two months. Mainland China’s holdings now total $846.7b after peaking at $900.2b in April. Hong Kong’s holdings of US Treasuries peaked in Feb at $152.4b and now total $135.2b.

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