If you are seeing this post on the blog — well, thats pretty damn well a miracle — there was an advert glitch that made the site slower and slower. Its now halted the loading of the blog.

We are working on the problem immediately .

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14 Responses to “Blog Loading Issues”

  1. philipat says:

    It’s OK from Asia. Perhaps because we don’t got ANY of the Ads out here?

  2. Lariat1 says:

    Just stopped by and site is fine here.

  3. Crabbybill says:

    Working fine on Firefox but not on IE8

  4. TakBak04 says:

    Ahh…you just got it back. BRAVO…What a glitch…

    Some damned thing called “remnant fmpub” kept scrolling by fast as lightening.

    There’s been glitches all over the place at work. Don’t know what it is. Maybe too many folks online these days…overload of the system?

  5. Andy T says:

    Fwiw, the site has been getting slower the last several days…right now, it’s terribly slow.

  6. jonhendry says:

    Putting this in my /etc/hosts file let me load the site: remnant.fmpub.net

    That just makes any requests for that site point at my Mac.

  7. jonhendry says:

    When I say it let me load the site, I mean “The page was just loading forever, with Safari’s activity window showing many lines for doubleclick and remnant.fmpub.net. I edited the hosts file in another window, saved it, and *instantly* the problem went away and the page finished loading normally.”

  8. obsvr-1 says:

    Miracles do happen, there are a lot of page component loads (ads, double-click, and others that flash by on the status line to fast to read) — however the site is loading much faster now.

  9. hdoggy says:

    my guess is that it is that huge Mercedes ad at top. Just a guess.

  10. Investradamus says:


    What are these ads you speak of? Adblock Plus is your friend.

  11. ToNYC says:

    Best ever performance..and no loading all the site meters and metric stats going in the lower left corner of FF 6.3.8 for your gracious cogeners. That did seem like slip showing, but then consider that today one can be an order of magnitude closer to being able to meditate simply by refusing to wear a smartphone or worrying about updating one’s blog as if the market was closing. Speaking of webtech, comcast.net has blocked zerohedge since this 9/11. No surprise. They routinely block yahoo groups that do no more than consolidate informationclearinghouse.info stuff….this onein particular from .fr domain. A switch to fastmail.fm did that a treat, mate!

  12. It was a Remnant ad problem — which is annoying, because I don’t like or use remnant ads.

    Seems to be fixed and fast loading now

  13. MayorQuimby says:


    I’ve always found your site to be the absolute slowest to load on my phone. Perhaps this is related.

  14. BR,

    along ‘MayorQuimby”s point..

    you may care to check out http://mobile.edn.com/blog/Brian_s_Brain/39733-ARM_And_The_Server_A_Sooner_Or_Later_Inevitable_Future_Or_Simply_A_Deluded_Fervor_.php
    and.or have your dev.team read http://www.aptivate.org/webguidelines/Multimedia.html

    LSS: 4 most of the World, including NAFTA-land, 4G is, still, no pun intended, an ethereal Dream..
    also, there are, suprisingly enough, a good portion of i-net users that are not sitting atop a Fibre font of multi-Gbps Bandwidth..

    to say nothing of the coming limits/”metered usage” on/of ‘land-based’ “pipes”..