Artist Anthony Freda, whose work has been featured here before, writes to say:

Barry ‘ Love the left right post, you are indeed looking at the big picture. Brought to mind this cartoon I painted. Cheers!


Click for bigger illustration

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9 Responses to “Left/Right PushMePullYou”

  1. tagyoureit says:

    What happens to the poop? :P

  2. ToNYC says:

    Between bites, the poop comes out of their mouths and flows effortlessly in one ear and out the other.

  3. MorticiaA says:

    On the politics / humor topic, the current Borowitz Report headline is: “Democrats to Employ Man Who Played Obama During 2008 Campaign”

    A tease-quote: “We were sitting around thinking of who we could put out there on the campaign trail to get people energized again,” said party chairman Tim Kaine. “And then I was like, what about that guy who played Obama in ’08? He was amazing!”

  4. mbelardes says:

    Oh wow. What a great piece.

    Tell the artist I saw this … sat for a second really taking it in without thinking … and then my years of listening to punk music and the hate towards the system just came back in a flash as if by instinct.

    This actually just says everthing.

    And to answer tagyoureit, the poop doesn’t come out, they just keep filling up of more and more shit.

  5. Jack Damn says:

    Ah, so that’s how they make Gyros.

  6. RW says:

    Great graphic, worth a thousand words as they say.

    Reminds me of a joke my 90-year old father used to tell about the Whiffenpoof, a strange and very mean beast who was all head and clawed feet but with no rear end; the lack of the latter explains why he was so mean.

    My father was quarterback for the University of Wisconsin back in the 30′s when they played Yale so that may explain why he choose the name Whiffenpoof (Yale’s singing group).

  7. Bernie638 says:

    Q: What happens to the poop?

    A: They’re full of it.

  8. drey says:

    I’d tweak the cartoon a bit. Make it the HIND ends of an elephant and donkey bookending the banner with respective piles of shit a couple of feet away. There’s the hand of a drowning person reaching out from each pile of shit desperately hoping to be saved – label the hands American citizen or U.S. taxpayer.

  9. TakBak04 says:

    Sadly…that’s an excellent MORPH… It is what it is that it’s come down to these. Both the same..the money flows….

    Hardly worth this down comment from me…but the artist is to be applauded…….! Creatives are the visionaries……. See what we don’t see before we see it, ourselves.. Kudo’s to Anthony Freda.