Median household property tax by Credit Loan.

The median reflects the mix of houses, local school districts, government spending, expenses, etc. So the average for NYS at $3600 reflects inexpensive homes with modest taxes, and a smaller percentage of expensive hoems with taxes 5X and 10X the median.


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25 Responses to “Property Taxes in America”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    Go west, old man.

  2. Alaric says:

    New York should be split into ‘downstate’ & ‘upstate’ – the overall average is meaningless.

  3. Robespierre says:

    If Miami is any indication property taxes are about to go up everywhere to make up for budget holes. Isn’t that adding salt to an open wound?

  4. obsvr-1 says:

    How much of this is based on assessed value of today’s vs bubble values … how much further the state/local budgets would be hurt ?

  5. ACS says:

    Robespierre, politicians have promised benefits to public employes that taxpayers cannot afford. That coming storm could make the Tea Party movement look like a pillow fight.

  6. freejack says:

    What Alaric sez.
    Northern NJ and western CT are just suburbs of NYC, just like Nassau (median – $8,628), Suffolk (median -$7,109), and Westchester (median -$8,890) counties.

  7. Pool Shark says:

    Just confirms my decision to retire in Hawaii.

    Second lowest property tax rate in the country (after LA), a 4% sales tax rate, and no income tax (on employer-provided pensions).


  8. MorticiaA says:

    Great chart. Just proves that my home state of TX — which constantly brags of no state income tax — makes up for it in property taxes, along with a whole host of other taxes. I quit looking at the line item taxes on my cell phone bill. I don’t stay in hotels in my own state very often but I figure those line items are hefty. But we continue to brag about no state income taxes.

    BTW: for our property taxes, we fund our public school system, and the State Board of Education has caved to a creationist in its midst so our textbooks FUNDED BY MY DOLLARS will be teaching about intelligent design, presumably alongside Darwin. Not a proud moment in our state history.

  9. Pool Shark says:

    btw, why would anybody want to live in New Jersey???

  10. BennyProfane says:

    Because it’s next to NYC.

  11. willid3 says:

    MorticiaA, you are correct we do tend to brag about that. but we make up for that with other taxes (as you mentioned) and FEES!

  12. Rich in NJ says:

    Wake me when a NJ governor actually fulfills a promise to lower property taxes.

    To this point, Christie’s policies have only raised them.

  13. oz says:

    Either there is something wrong with this chart or I have a serious problem with math – I’ll be grateful for any explanation:

    If the deficit is 91% of GDP at 13 trillion and only 92% at 26 trillion in 15 years – does it mean an assumption for a 5% GDP growth every single year in the next 15 years?

  14. Alaric says:

    MorticiaA – you should move to the Northeast

  15. Pool Shark says:


    My point exactly.

  16. louiswi says:


    Every state gets the juice to run from its taxpayers-it’s just most don’t see it coming from them.

  17. uclalien says:

    Property tax as % of home value is bit deceptive for a place like California. Californians pay 1% of the assessed value of their homes, which is determined at the time or purchase. Since assessed value is limited to a 2% annual increase, it is typical for a person who has owned his home for a number of years to pay significantly less than his neighbor (living in an identical home) who purchased more recently.

    In other words, if you plan on purchasing a home in CA and expect to pay property taxes in the ballpark of $2,800/year, you’re in for a rude awakening. Moving into a median priced home, you should expect to pay $5,000 at a very minimum (not aware of a county that actually charges this little), and more likely in the $5,300-$5,600 range. And this doesn’t include large portions of California homeowners also pay additional property taxes because they live in “special districts” or “assessment districts.” Even in areas with home prices well below the state median, these special taxes & assessments can tack on an additional $200 to $2,500/year. I’ve seen homes in the $600-700k range with special taxes over $10k/year.

    In either case, looking at these numbers, I suspect that there is something being left out of the CA data.

  18. ashpelham2 says:

    Amazing how much places like Vermont and New Hampshire pay in property taxes, yet these states proclaim themselves as among the “freest” or maybe I’m confusing that with “free thinkers”….Over 5% over their incomes goes to pay their property taxes. I bet they knock you over the head on the cars too.

    Here in the great State of Alabama, we proudly complain about having to pay property taxes at all. In 2003, our current Governator, tried to increase taxes to go to school funding. Our great citizens wouldn’t even budge. None. Even though we pay the 2nd lowest in the Union. Would not yield one bit. Primarily fought against by the big agricultural land owners, who are just sitting on vast amounts of former farmland, waiting for Atlanta to expand westward, apparently.

  19. hammerandtong2001 says:

    Are you kidding me ?!?

    The folks who live in Westchester County, NY would assume that these are MONTHLY property tax charges.

    And for where they live — they’d be right.


  20. louis says:

    Mello roos will double most areas in California. While properties in California have been reassessed, the mello roos is fixed. Another reason to default.

  21. uclalien says:

    After thinking about these numbers some more, I’m fairly certain that only the base property tax amount is being included in the CA calculation, which can account for only half of a person’s property tax bill.

  22. tagyoureit says:

    Woot, 1st Place! I love winning.

    I’m off to incur some excise & sales taxes.

  23. USSofA says:

    N0t much information here for an individual unless you know you are the median or will be if you change your location. Tax as a percentage of home value can be very misleading due to the various homestead deductions.

  24. rip says:

    Earlier comments pointed out that differences between counties and municipalities in the same state can be absurdly different. Try doubling, tripling, times ten or more, depending on the suburb.

    While an annual comparison kind of speaks to the state, it does not do the spread justice. Lets face it comparing San Francisco to Fremont is not going to work.

    Location, location, location. Be prepared to pay taxes through the nose for convenience, ambiance, and schools. Mainly schools.

  25. yolofitz says:

    what uclalien Says: is right on. Plus our annual budget deficit of $20billion.