Insight on her appointment to the new consumer protection agency, with Elizabeth Warren, assistant to President Obama. She seems so reasonable, I cannot believe the Democrats lacked the cojones to run her thru the Senate

Note the assinine question Jack Welch asks. Either he knows better (and is full of crap) or he reveals himself to be a doddering old fool. (He was the most over-rated CEO in modern history).

Airtime: Thurs. Sept. 23 2010 | 7:35 AM ET


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9 Responses to “The New Consumer Watchdog”

  1. I wish someone in FinTV had the balls to ask him about GE’s Financial’s magic box that managed to beat by a penny every quarter under his guidance.

  2. steveplace says:

    the CNBC studios are going to get a fire code violation with all the straw men stuffed into that room

  3. ByteMe says:

    I cannot believe the Democrats lacked the cojones to run her thru the Senate

    Of course you can. These are the same clowns letting Republicans run on their new “Pledge” that promises to both repeal HCR and then put everything back but the cost controls. Total wusses.

  4. Phil says:

    What a breath of fresh air. Thank goodness. Its been really aggravating seeing the likes of Geithner, Summers, Emanuel, and Axelrod giving interviews where they repeatedly regurgitate talking points and praise past administrative actions instead of showing some leadership.

    Its good to see a meaningful discussion with an administration economic leader.

  5. flashcurious says:

    I would love to see Ms. Warren debate Sara Palin when they are both running for Prez next cycle.

  6. donna says:

    Apparently Welch’s successor is worse. I had a G.E. repairman here yesterday — he said everyone in the company despises Immelt.

    I’ve had my G.E. refrigerator and microwave fail in the same week (Microwave mag was still under warranty, the fridge was replaced). I’m really hoping my stove doesn’t blow up now…

  7. LBNYC says:

    First good thing to come out this mess… this country needs Elizabeth Warren.

  8. inthewoods says:

    She’s clearly pretty smart – she’ll never survive politics. Welch is terrible – I’m amazed he continues to be worshiped as a business expert as opposed to the shame he was and is.

  9. Glen says:

    Welch is pretty transparent – you’re taking away my fraud, uh, I mean “profit”.