For those of you who are not in the heart of the NY media beast, this may be a little bit “Inside Baseball,” but Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene is about to launch a new TV show, starting Monday at Noon.

The show will be one part Bloomberg Surveillance, one part Charlie Rose. Faster moving than the radio show, but with the ability to show charts, graphics, etc, taking full advantage of all the power in the Bloomberg terminal.

The formal launch is October 4th.

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8 Responses to “Tom Keene’s New TV Show”

  1. And for those of you who track the media, the New York Times just named Hugo Lindren Editor of the Sunday magazine.

  2. hammerandtong2001 says:

    Sorry for early off topic post:

    RE: The Foreclosure Nightmare:

    From AP today: “JPMorgan acknowledged Wednesday that its employees signed some affidavits about loan documents without personally verifying the files. These affidavits verifies the accuracy of the loan information, including who owns the mortgage….The way mortgages are packaged and sold to many investors as securities can make it hard to determine who has the right to foreclose on a homeowner…”

    Well there you go –

    How does this work? If the actual mortgage is securitized, isn’t it possible, even likely, that mortgages can be owned by JPMorgan on Tuesday, and by Greece on Wednesday? In that event, who has the “right” to foreclose?


  3. pintelho says:

    how the hell does Tom do it all? When does that guy sleep?

    He is easily the hardest working guy in showbiz

  4. hopefully, for Tom’s sake, this: “…one part Charlie Rose.” gets left, waay, out of the Equation..

    I’ve long thought He was, way, better than to have to kneel to such ‘slurping’..

    past that, Good Going~! for Tom, and Bloomberg Media..

  5. soulmatic09 says:

    Are we going to have to shell out a hundred bucks to watch this too?

  6. V says:

    The bloomberg index of MEANIQ(TV TALKING HEADS) just quadrupled.

  7. jonathanb says:

    finally, the bow tie gets some air time!

  8. nnjg01 says:

    When/where is this on?