I am off to rush-a-homa, but before I do, some links for your reading pleasure:

• SEC Is Looking at ‘Quote Stuffing’   (WSJ)

Rogoff: Why America Isn’t Working  (Project Syndicate)

• Sweep economists off their throne (FT.com)

Michael Lewis has  field day: Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds   (Vanity Fair)

• New council of regulators will take aim at systemic risks  (WaPo)

• Homebuilders Revive Stalled U.S. Projects as Banks Unload Lots  (Bloomberg)

•  When to Bail On Your Stock Picks (Kiplinger)

• Gold entering a virtuous circle  (Gold Switzerland)

• How to tell when your boss is lying  (Economist)

• Late Payment Policy Study – Amex makes up their own rules (Cardhub)

• Indiana’s governor is a likeable wonk. Can he save the Republicans from themselves and provide a pragmatic alternative to Barack Obama?   (Economist)

• What the Hell Happened to Yahoo? (Paul Graham)

Hysterical: What so you get when you cross Jersey Shore with the Family Circus? Jersey Circus!

• In defense of ‘Happy Days’ ‘ ‘Jump the Shark’ episode  (LA Times)

What are you reading ?

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26 Responses to “Wednesday Reads”

  1. Happy new year to those of you who celebrate the holiday!

  2. VennData says:

    BP Costs reach $8 Billion


    Only $992 billion more to reach that ‘peak oil’ aficionado, Matthew Simmons, trillion dollar mark. You can be sure you’ll see lots more of his headline-grabbing predictions on various fringe media outlets, like, well, this…


    …tabloid blog, or “tabblog.”

  3. Arequipa01 says:

    What’s the Rush? Righteousness takes time…

    A poem for you and yourn.


  4. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    And he ask “why couldn’t anyone else figure this out?” Because they are all a bunch of brown-noses! To pull out an old term…

  5. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    BR, Happy new year back at ya! I celebrate’em all…UU.

  6. I was down at the Gulf (Orange Beach, Alabama) this weekend, catching a John Mayer concert. Didn’t see so much as one miserable tar ball. Mayer was great.



    Is anyone else having trouble w/ the website taking forever to load and scrolling like its a Meth-head or something? Just wondering if it was just me.

    And BTW: Happy New Year. Now which year is it?

  7. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    Cur, I’m having the same scrolling stuff happening too… Love those beaches down there…use to enjoy them alot when I lived in N.O. back in the last century…

  8. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    Excuse me for hogging the form…but this women could run for President!

  9. bergsten says:

    @Justin, Curmudgeon — Sadly, the ads and the rest of the marketing pap have taken over this website. I watched, and DOZENS of URL’s were opened and data transferred, EACH TIME YOU DO ANYTHING. There’s a significant delay, and you get popped back to the top if you attempt scrolling before all of this completes.

    These ads are seriously disruptive — some slop over content, they are all resource intensive, and “sneak out of their boxes” to screw around with the rest of the page. And, then there are the silent “statistics gatherers”…

    I installed an ad blocker on IE, and with that, most of TBP now causes my IE to intermittently crash. So, this comment is being entered via Firefox, which clearly needs its ad blocker enabled too.

    I am not the least bit adverse to Barry seeing some income from this site, God-knows he’s put enough blood, sweat, and tears into it. But, I have yet to see an ad that has enticed me to buy anything, and I’m just too impatient to put up with the ancillary nonsense.

    Again, not Barry’s fault. Said again, NOT Barry’s fault. But he did open the window, and the rats have crawled in and are eating the house pets.

  10. Darkness says:

    Gold Switzerland would like you to know that the beautiful soft stuff in their vault, the stuff that is due, any second now, to be worth many many times what it is now versus various world currencies . . . they would like you to know that they really really really want you to give them some of that currency and take some of the stuff off their hands. . .

  11. w/this: New council of regulators will take aim at systemic risks (WaPo)

    pre-click-through, I’ll go with “NFW they call out the FedRes.”


    re: site issues.. but, of course, it isn’t you..


    bergsten offers some decent council, better, He knows what he’s talking about~

  12. call me ahab says:


    happy new year! reminds me of a story-

    over 20 years ago- moving to Washington DC from Indiana (great place to be from- but I wouldn’t want to live there)- I was working w/ a gal who was telling me she was celebrating Rosh Hashanah that night-

    and I said “Rosha what”?

    and she said Rosh Hashanah-

    and I said WTF is that?

    so . . .20 years later I make it a point to call the Jewish friends I have acquired and wish them a Happy New Year-

    I guess that proves you can only fall off the turnip truck once

  13. “…To indicate the hope for a sweet year, new fruits are added to the holiday dinner table. These fruits may include any fruit that you have not as yet eaten this year, however, customary special fruit additions are: pomegranates, avocados, and persimmons. It is also customary to dip apples and/or a piece of challah in a dish of honey or sugar to insure sweetness in the coming year. These foods are eaten with the accompanying prayer: May it be Thy will, Oh Lord our G_d, to renew unto us a happy and pleasant New Year…”


    Happy 5771 ~!

  14. M says:

    Sorry to be negative but the site is almost unbearably slow today. There must be a way to serve the ads that doesn’t take soooooooo much time to load.


    BR: Its not the ads, but the graphics. The solution is moving to a separate Amazon S3 graphic server. That takes place this weekend.

  15. The Weeklys Get Stronger

    Weekly options contracts allow cost-effective short-term wagers.

    Gambling just opened a whole new front in the market. I’m an options trader but this is just plain gambling and betting on singular events. This puts even more paid to the phrase “the safest way to make money on options long term is to sell them”


    New stimulus: Let’s buy our own debt
    Administration needs to finance $1.5 trillion-dollar budget deficit


    401K grab refuses to die

    Government wants your 401(k)
    Hearings set on plan to require Treasuries in ‘automatic IRA’


    Can we finally say we told you so (to those who said t wasn’t so):

    Organic produce superior to conventional on every level, study finds


  16. HitEleven says:

    Read this strange story about a web targeted marketing firm, and how one of its managers wanted to become a fiction writer:


  17. Investradamus says:

    I am not Jewish but, ייתכן שנכתב ונחתם לשנה טובה

    “Opinion: Big Day for Reports on the Oil Spill”

    “How Much Faster is Google Instant?”

    “DHS Cyber Division Misses 1,085 Holes on Own Network”

    “Empty Flats Spell Trouble”

    “May 6′th 2010 Flash Crash Analysis
    Continuing Developments – Did Quote Stuffing Cause the Flash Crash?”

    and, well, just because…

  18. snapshot says:

    Microsoft Laid Bare – Good read from Bronte Capital

  19. rktbrkr says:

    NYTimes – punishing savers. This is so old it barely qualifies as news, the Fed has been punishing the prudent and rewarding speculation for years now


  20. rktbrkr says:

    Interesting – new home builders can undercut foreclosure prices in the sand states, this is great news (NOT!) for the banks who have been sitting on foreclosure inventory and homeowers who have been trying to gut it out. It’s not clear what the volume of new homes will be but big builders build big projects and this cheap developable land they are getting (from the banks) will cause them more problems. These same banks will be providing cheap mortgages for the cheap new homes but won’t do much for their underwater customers. OK but I think the sand states will see more price blowouts as the next big crop of ARMs come due the next 24 or so months.


  21. Darkness says:

    willid3, re: defensive medicine. I guess I’m glad to know that, so I can stop feeling our household is the guilty drain I thought it was. Cost needed health care for hypochondriac spouse over last 5 years: $400 (tops, maybe), cost of crazy tests, scans, whatnot: $8000. Tack on the long term side effects of one of the tests that continues to be a serious quality of life issue: priceless?

  22. [...] you haven’t read the delightful Michael Lewis Vanity Fair piece I pointed to in Wednesday’s linkfest, you are missing an  absolute [...]