Here’s how to start your morning with a laugh:

Can you find:

George Dubya Bush, Ayn Rand,  Erin Callan, Steve Flintstone, Wall Street Madam, Chris “Party Time” Cox, Chucky the Dancer Prince, Sandy 2Big2Fail Weill, Charles Ponzi, Johnny Comode, Hank Greenberg, Senator Dodge, Ronald & Bonzo, Jamie Dimon, Bubba Clinton, Gideon Gono, Barney Rubble, Robert Rubin, Vikram Pandit, Tyler Durden, John Howstheweather, Jimmy Cannibis, Bernie Madoff, Dr Ben, Alan Greenspan, Hank Paulsen, Forest Gump, Bobby Dylan, Christine Romer, WillamBanzai7, Mad Cramer, John Milton Clown, Maria Bartiromo, Uncle Milton, Obama Bin Banksta, Justin Bieber, Stan Oh Shit!, Super Gramm, Father Blankfein, Lucas Van Praag, Neal Cash N Carry, Warren Buffoon, TurboTim, Joey Fast Talk Cassano, Fabrice Tourre, Angelo Godzilla, Dick the Gorilla, Chuckie Fast Trade Schumer, Ken Screwless Lewis, Larry Summers


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Anyone know the source of this?

Source: The WilliamBanzai7 Blog

Category: Federal Reserve, Humor

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10 Responses to “Alan Greenspan’s Asset Bubble Band”

  1. promiscuouspanda says:

    A search of the Google renders this blog as the source:

    From his blog:

    “Can you find:

    George Dubya Bush
    Ayn Rand
    Erin Callan
    Steve Flintstone
    Wall Street Madam
    Chris “Party Time” Cox
    Chucky the Dancer Prince
    Sandy 2Big2Fail Weill
    Charles Ponzi
    Johnny Comode
    Hank Greenberg
    Senator Dodge
    Ronald & Bonzo
    Jamie Dimon
    Bubba Clinton
    Gideon Gono
    Barney Rubble
    Robert Rubin
    Vikram Pandit
    Tyler Durden
    John Howstheweather
    Jimmy Cannibis
    Bernie Madoff
    Dr Ben
    Alan Greenspan
    Hank Paulsen
    Forest Gump
    Bobby Dylan
    Christine Romer
    Mad Cramer
    John Milton Clown
    Maria Bartiromo
    Uncle Milton
    Obama Bin Banksta
    Justin Bieber
    Stan Oh Shit!
    Super Gramm
    Father Blankfein
    Lucas Van Praag
    Neal Cash N Carry
    Warren Buffoon
    Joey Fast Talk Cassano
    Fabrice Tourre
    Angelo Godzilla
    Dick the Gorilla
    Chuckie Fast Trade Schumer
    Ken Screwless Lewis
    Larry Summers”

  2. beaufou says:

    this guy is always on ZH, he posted an hilarious goldman-godfather one a few days ago but I can’t find it.

  3. diogeron says:

    It’s pretty funny, but anything of this kind without throwing Phil Gramm into the mix is incomplete at best.

  4. Mannwich says:

    @diogeron: He’s in there, isn’t he? Isn’t he the one in the far right corner with the UBS Superman suit on?

  5. pintelho says:

    i see brad pitt and Tom Hanks…I didn’t know they had anything to do with this.

  6. beaufou says:

    Tyler Durden and The Bonfire of the Vanities

  7. charlie1939 says:

    I believe that “Ken Screwless Lewis(‘s)” middle name should be either Screwloose or Screwyou. Probably a typo…

  8. oldbluejeans says:

    Marlon Brando as the “Wild One” is here too. Seems that Dick Chaney would be more deserving to be included.

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  10. Hi everyone,

    I have been posting daily on Zero Hedge, but all my stuff is posted on my blog with links as appropriate.

    I am happy to post some work as a guest here if Barry so desires ;-)

    Now you all know where to find me.

    Tnx for being fellow brothers and sisters in the struggle…