Ahhh, good old Wordle. Sorry, I’ve neglected you baby. Let me make it up to you — why don’t I pour some wine, light some candles, and run Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke’s QE2 speech through you?


You can go with this:

Via Wordle


Or you can go with that:

Monetary Policy Objectives and Tools in a Low-Inflation Environment
Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, at the Revisiting Monetary Policy in a Low-Inflation Environment Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts on October 15, 2010


Hat tip Graig

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9 Responses to “Bernanke QE2 Speech Word Cloud”

  1. Julia Chestnut says:

    Makes Armageddon look kinda purdy.

  2. The Window Washer says:

    @Common Man

    Dude, you nailed dead-pan in print.
    thanks for the laugh.

  3. ToNYC says:

    Clueless academic placeholder…calm erudition replaced self-admitted maestro obfuscatory remarks. How thick was his briefcase was the big question..before that how large was M1. Misdirection for the Banking monopoly on credit creation; the more the merrier.

  4. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    How long can they keep the facade of “low inflation,” going and when will they have to start telling the truth about over capacity, low volocity, plummeting government demand and no real consumer demand to speak of?

  5. More Inflation Fears…

    trackback >>The Moral Liberal: Defending the Judeo-Christian ethic, limited government, and the American constitution>>…

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