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6 Responses to “FDIC Bank Failures”

  1. teraflop says:

    I can’t help it:
    “Green shoots?”

    However the count has been looking a little sparse lately.

  2. Long term says:

    I would say Green Shoots. But I wonder if bank managers have learned not to bank in hock. And are the banks that are being rolling any better off? Or just more capable of grabbing QE?

  3. dmlopr says:

    Does the FDIC have the ability to handle more than 8 per week?

  4. Howard says:

    The charts are completed on a “per bank” basis. When the fed takes over a bank, it estimates the cost of each takeover. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to include a separate presentation of the accumulated estimated dollar cost of these takeovers? One WaMu – might be the equivalent of a 100 small banks.

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