Fed Foreclosure

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4 Responses to “Federal Reserve on Foreclosure”

  1. BubbRubb says:

    The all smiles cover sheet is classic.
    “No robo-signing here. Just good people going to get a NINJA loan from their friendly neighborhood banker. What’s MERS? Why is the title to my house owned by 3 banks? Not here, we’re just drinking coffee and breaking down charts.”

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  3. rip says:

    Looks pretty much like well-conceived, self-serving propaganda to me.

    Poor lower income Democrats not being saved from themselves as everyone else is thrown overboard.

    Or is it the Republicans and their McMansions suddenly discovering they are not quite as safe and privileged as they had been led to believe?

  4. Greg0658 says:

    woohoo booyah for the graphics industry .. turn that straw into gold .. a chicken in every pot and all that lovely tastey stews pushin paper .. the things people have to buy :-)
    ya know Money is scratchy tolietpaper (if ya see it that way) trouble is most don’t