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3 Responses to “Foreclosure fraud parody”

  1. pmorrisonfl says:

    One of the better parodys of this scene, IMO. It really seems like they could’ve used the following scene where they’re dumping documents, but they didn’t carry it that far.

    Be warned: lots of subtitle swearing.

  2. barbb says:

    Shades of Hades/ lawyers paradise – it all comes down to the bank people @ top. Were they trying to streamline the system? I’m sure the property paper chase can be done more electonically with new electronic safeguards, based on what I saw 3 years ago.
    “mark to fantasy” accounting? The credit reporting agencies sure passed the buck on this. The CPA’s are pretty well policed.
    Barry, looking forward to reading your book sometime soon when I’m less busy.

  3. beaufou says:

    OT, I thought you’d like that BR.
    The true size of Africa.