Last week, I mentioned I was considering an iPad purchase. The response fell into 3 categories:

1) Get one RIGHT NOW;

2) Wait til Gen 2

3) Get an Android/HP/ACER/Dell pad.

The Windows based units are out of the question; I already have a crappy computer (Dell Vostro), I don’t need a crappy tablet.

I am less than impressed with the Android units, whose main attraction seems to be that they are not Apple products. The irony is that to Apple fanboys (guilty) half the appeal was that they were not Microsoft products.

That leaves the choice between now and sometime in Q1 2011. Since the wife’s iBook 3rd battery is dying, I am thinking about picking up one now, then giving it to her when the new one comes out instead of replacing the laptop. Apparently, 13% of iPads are cannibalizing PC sales.

As to those other tablets? Well, they seem to be years behind Apples . . .

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  1. Jack Damn says:

    …am thinking about picking up one now, then giving it to her when the new one comes out instead of replacing the laptop.

    I think that’s a great idea. If you have someone to pass technology down to, it’s not like you’re adding to all the “e-waste” or wasting money on soon-to-be obsolete technology.

    Can I interest anyone in a Sony MiniDisc player? ;-)

  2. John Reeder says:

    For me, the attraction of Android is the Verizon network. As an example, I can stream the NFL Redzone Channel on Sundays. But that’s related to the phones, and I don’t know if similar dynamic exists with tablets.

  3. X on the MTA says:

    I’m a tech guy. I’ve been programming for 12+ years, i have used every flavor of OS you can imagine, and as a man who LOVES a setup of a headless linux server, a Mac OS desktop and a virtualized windows 7 instance (nothing compares to Excel on Windows), a black berry and an ipod, I’ll say this: wait it out.

    The iPads are really really cool, but they are very media products. They are amazing for things like watching videos or looking at pictures or browsing the non-flash internet. But annoyances crop up quickly for anyone that’s more than a casual user. Things like saving files and printing etc and they really get to me.

    I still like printing out SSRN stuff and carrying the economist around. Newspapers are too much of a mess for me and i think they work 100x better online than in print. You’ll be glad you waited, i think.

    As for the android stuff. it’s so UGH. It should make a huge splash and it should be revolutionary, but I have little faith. I’ve seen this happen from within tech sooo many times. The closed and tightly controlled process companies like apple use to develop really do end up creating superior user interfaces. I am an avid hacker of open-source software, but we really don’t get that right. Android has the potential to be really amazing one day, just like Mac OS is (and how it developed from it’s Darwin core) but it’s going to take years to mature to something that really competes with the likes of apple when it comes to the user experience. Like, probably 5 or so.

  4. Joe McCann says:

    As an iPhone/pad, Android, etc. developer I can tell you a few things.

    iPad is gorgeous and user experience is incredible. A bit heavy and use it ONLY for consumption of content; not content creation such as blog posts or typing emails.

    The Android tablets will have far superior hardware compared to the iPad, but the user experience will be determined by the vendor. Samsung seems to be a real contender and there is WAY more you can do with an Android tablet than you can with an iPad tablet.

    Conclusion? If I had to buy one right now, I’d buy the iPad. I had a couple of months to wait, I’d buy an Android tablet.

  5. AG Sage says:

    If the money is scant consideration, and you have a willing second owner, this seems a no-brainer. Look at it this way, you will better understand what “pad computer” means when shopping for the replacement in 6 months if you buy one now. Otherwise, 6 months from now you will be staring at the array of models at the store thinking, does this feature matter? Does that feature matter?

    As X warns, iPads do a few things well, but they hardly do everything, so this isn’t a lock-in risk.

    The only way you will regret the decision is when, for the third time in a week, you are faced with the prospect of buying a second one. You don’t live alone, right?

  6. MayorQuimby says:

    It won’t replace the laptop which is precisely the problem. Make me an eReader tablet thingy for $300 and I’m there. At $600 – $800, I want a laptop replacement. I’d actually be fine with paying a grand if it had a ton of memory and general software usability. I find the iPad to occupy a THIRD niche between iPhone and Macbook and I’m NOT going there (into 3 levels of gadgetry)!

  7. Jack Damn says:

    Another reason an iPad is a good purchase:

    ► iPad Adoption Rate Fastest Ever, Passing DVD Player

    iPad sold three million units in the first 80 days after its April release and its current sales rate is about 4.5 million units per quarter, according to Bernstein Research. This sales rate is blowing past the one million units the iPhone sold in its first quarter and the 350,000 units sold in the first year by the DVD player, the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic product.

    Apple’s tech has longevity…unlike BetaMax.

  8. scott driza says:

    I fondly remember when I could dump older model computers, cellphones, and gadgets on my wife. Now she is savvy enough that she demands the latest models too. You may find that she won’t accept the 1st Gen iPad pump and dump.

  9. ibrich71 says:

    Notion Ink’s Adam is coming out in November. It has many options the Ipad is missing.

  10. Thor says:

    I love how all of us “IT People” give completely different advice depending on what part of the IT world we come from.

    BR – buy an iPad. The shit these developers and programmers tells you is mostly irrelevant. They’re developers and programmers, what they prefer will be very different than what the average end user will want.

    From a technical support perspective – we have about 350 employees in my company, we have about 100 Blackberries, 35 iPhones, and 15 Droids. we have many MANY more technical support problems with our end users on the Android platform than anything else. This is primarily due to Joe McCann’s statement “the user experience will be determined by the vendor”. I would say our technical support calls for phone issues are running 3/1 for the Androids, even though they represent our smallest number of devices.

  11. snowdude says:

    How about the new intro coming from RIM? It is supposed to overcome a lot of the limitations of the iPad. I only saw it briefly on TV but it looked like it folded in half, like a book, and closed to the size of a book. Then you could flip it sideways and have the on-screen keyboard on the table with the other side tipping up like the screen of a laptop.

  12. Thor says:

    BR – Also, pay zero attention from anyone giving you advice on something they haven’t actually used. Listen to all the iPad users – from reading your last post, I’d say well over 90% of them loved their iPads.

  13. I hate my Blackberry

    I am amazed that RIMM got the traction they did — its a decent phone/good email device/terrible everything else.

    I avoided being reachable 24/7, and I waited out the Blackberry for as long as could. I’ve had one blackberry or another for 3 or 4 years, and they are so blah. I guess at the time, it did what nothing else could

  14. ukarlewitz says:

    I’m in the same boat. But I have a new Samsung Vibrant phone and think it is equals the iPhone in usability and there are more apps than I have time for. I think Google’s integration of software and, soon, TV will rival Apple’s but come with better hardware and price. Have an open mind.

  15. jonhendry says:

    I’d say go for the 3rd generation kindle. It’s only $139 with wifi, and when you later get an iPad, you can use your books on it too.

  16. The Window Washer says:

    I’m getting a new phone this month,I’ve been wanting an android since my girlfriend got one last year.
    I may be changing my mind, problems here and there which she doesn’t care about with personal use. I need something for outlook a database and filing photos with notes ec…
    I’ll be looking at Apple and Blackberry instead of just getting the Android X. Not a good sign after having one bounce around the house for months.

    I think the phones just really aren’t to the point we want them to be yet. I may just get something and plan on upgrading 2-3 times over the next couple years. Which is stupid considering the cost of these units.

    Make the thing a fucking computer or stop trying to make it LIKE a computer.

    I know this isn’t a tablet but is speaks to the issues of the platforms and how apple realy does seem to get half assed right and not fuck up by trying to go all the way.

  17. noahmckinnon says:

    Not surprisingly, Apple is apparently working their own touchscreen laptop (some third party products like Modbook are already out there). When it’ll come out, who knows. If they mounted an iPad onto an Airbook like keyboard and designed the screen to both close like conventional laptop and slide over the keyboard like some phones already do, I’d be all over it. As a rule, I never adopt first gen stuff. I’m fine being a couple gens behind. Patience, Barry.

  18. wngoju says:

    get one now. as i said in earlier comment, make sure you get 3g.

  19. lloydphilip says:

    Android Tablet…is there proof that one exists?

    iPad until Google can create a base Android OS that can be update by the end user at anytime, instead of relying on a crappy vendor. Having said that, you will have to deal with the arrogance of apple.

    Apple still wins…but I’d absolutely wait for 2nd gen, unless you’ve already made up your mind…

  20. JimRino says:

    Let’s be honest, cost isn’t an issue for you.
    Productivity is.
    Ease of Use, no owner manuals, a polished interface.
    There no reason to wait.
    Your time is money.

    Being honest, you can afford to use, learn and enjoy this version, then buy the next and pass on a perfectly good device to someone of your choosing.

    We do this in my family with the iPhone. They get passed down through the household.

  21. JimRino says:

    You can’t really have an informed opinion about an iPad unless you actually own one.

  22. hop says:

    iPads are going for as much or more than their cost on eBay! Did I solve your dilemma?

  23. zot23 says:

    Barry, ya cheap bastard, get one! Not like you can’t sell it for 85% of the value if you don’t like it (but you’ll literally be sleeping with it beside you in one week.)

    This is like a coke addict asking if you think he’d enjoy crack. Get it man!

  24. crunched says:

    My two cents…

    -I got mine in May. For about two months I thought it was a better invention that the light bulb. After that it just fell into the category of ‘makes my life easier, but not essential.’ So right there you have two months of irrational exuberance coming your way, why not get started now?

    -It took returning mine twice until I finally got one that worked correctly(wi-fi issues, etc.) Should probably go ahead and get started on that process too.

    -Don’t even think about a kindle, even if they drop the price to $10. All I used to do with my kindle is fantasize about all the features it could, and should have. And then… Bam, out comes the ipad.

    -Speaking from experience, an ipad will not take the place of your laptop or desktop, don’t believe the hype. But it will completely eviscerate the appeal of your iphone.

    -Don’t be Mr. Practicality and wait for the ‘next generation.’ There are entirely enough things that work right in this first generation model to start making your life more efficient now.

    -None of the other brands…RIM, Google, etc. will come close so don’t bother waiting. They don’t have Itunes, or the years of experience refining an interface people love.

    Definitely get 3G.

  25. J Kraus says:

    I say go ahead and get the iPad.

    I agree that newer tablets aren’t going to be able to match the iPad this quickly. Remember that Apple conceived the iPad prior to introducing the first iPhone. Therefore, the Apple mobile OS was developed from day one with the notion that it had be able to be scaled up for tablet operation. The iPad was years in development.

    Of course, it is always easier for a competitor to dismantle and reverse-engineer a product; but to develop hardware and software for a device as complex as the iPad, then prototype, test, build and ship takes more than a few months. True legitimate competitors will not surface for some time.

  26. Derrick says:

    Hi Barry, I think you mean Q1 2011 in your post. Hope you get a Thinkpad as your next laptop to erase the disappointing memories of the Vostro.


    BR: Doh! I’ll fix above.

    (and on a side note, because of the inordinate amount of spam associated with it, anything with “poker” in its name comes in moderated)

  27. bergsten says:

    Don’t know what you should do, but I am waiting for the next iPod version (never buy the first version of anything).

    I am probably a significant contributor to Amazon’s income numbers, but wouldn’t get a Kindle because it’s too proprietary (and I didn’t care for the time they took a book back from their users).

    I looked briefly at the source code for “Google’s” Android Operating System, and found Linux looking back at me, only with the GPL (General Public License) headers stripped out. Other people’s stuff too (Java, etc.). Having personally written threeoperating systems myself, from scratch, I find Google to be the TBTF of technology, and it pleases me not a whit.

    I think your biggest danger is that you get one, and when the new one comes out, the wife may well want it, not the “hand-me-down.” Happily though, somebody in Dubai will probably take it off your hands for a nice profit.

  28. BR,

    do well, and the note the tale of : scott driza Says:, from above..

    then, Hedge accordingly, it’ll happen..

    and, for safe bets, also, remember, DELL Blows!

  29. muckdog says:

    Hey BR, as a developer I saw the most important thing is what you want.

    I have an iPad and use it all the time. Probably more than my desktop and I haven’t turned on the laptop in six months.

    It’s a big iPhone or iPod touch with a ten hour battery life.

    I think the next version is rumored to be thinner and lighter, and come with a camera for video. Who knows for sure, though.

    And you know those Google android devices. They’ll be releasing new versions every few days. I’m sure they will be nice, though.

  30. lalaland says:

    Nah, don’t do it. They got the minimum functionality needed to put it in the water, but it’s not quite there yet. There was a leap between 1phone and 3g.

  31. franklin411 says:

    Barry, just admit it.

    You are an iSlave.

    Slaves don’t have free will, so why should you be any different? =)

  32. mybestfunds says:

    I realize you’re not impressed with the android units, but have to taken a look at the Adam from notion ink. I’m not affiliated with them, but have my eye on this tablet.

  33. Robespierre says:

    @Thor Says:
    “I love how all of us “IT People” give completely different advice depending on what part of the IT world we come from.

    BR – buy an iPad. The shit these developers and programmers tells you is mostly irrelevant. They’re developers and programmers, what they prefer will be very different than what the average end user will want.”

    Who do you think develops these “user experience” that the” average end user want”? Yes you guessed it developers and programmers. May be if you listen to them you would have fewer support issues in your company…

  34. Uchicagoman says:

    JUST DO IT!!

    And…. get the next one too!!

    Actually, the iPhone is a small iPad.

    The iPad is the true form factor.

    Anyway, it’s sure to be a collector’s item! ;-)

    It’s not perfect. But it aspires to be so. It is art.

    Or rather, as Jobs said “the intersection of the liberal arts and technology”

    It is the Baby Boomers Generation’s crown jewel achievement.


  35. van says:

    whenever I was indecisive about something My ex marine Dad used to yell For Crying out loud Van “Just do something even if its wrong”. I don’t think you can go wrong buying an Ipad at this time BR. In fact I’m quite surprised you don’t have one already and are thinking about how to deliver new ipad content/value to your FusionIQ customers. Unless you really can’t afford it why wait or not buy? Ipad 2 is still probably 3 months away. If it turns out you or your wife don’t like it or want the next gen You can always do the “feel good thing” and donate it to some needy kid.

  36. Tom L says:

    Don’t overthink this one. I have one and I love it and use it all the time. And yes, my wife will get one when the new one’s come out (although the fight will be on as who uses which one).

    Anyway, they’re too much fun not to have. Go get one.

    Hope all is well.

  37. James says:

    Since the wife’s iBook 3rd battery is dying, I am thinking about picking up one now, then giving it to her when the new one comes out instead of replacing the laptop


    What a deal – works for BR, at least.

  38. ToNYC says:

    Do yourself a BIG favor, BR and do nothing for a full 3 months; the Chill will do you better than being man on wire.

  39. Sayitisntso says:

    If you get one now, I claim dibs on it– in a few months when you get the new one (after you see the improvements you cannot live without).

  40. ezduzit says:

    not that you’ll need it, but apple is the only company in the group that has real support and a phone number that can provide answers when you call. apple stores are unmatched for their service and support and relatively convenient around big cities. anything else is a pretender.

  41. jbond says:

    Get an iPad noow

    My Apple G5 laptop used to run really hot. The high temperature decreases battery life. I recently had to buy a new battery. My son (who has a laptop like mine) uses a free software program that controls the fans. He installed it on my laptop. It works great. The fan runs continuously. The rpm is adjustable. I have the left and right fans set at about 3,020 rpm. At that rpm it keeps the computer much cooler (approx 110 – 125 degrees). At that rpm, the noise from the fan is not loud enough to be objectionable. If you are doing some heavy editing, you may want to run the fans a little faster than normal. Fans are made to last thousands of hours. Hopes this helps.

    reviews at:

    discussions at:

    Some of the comments are less than glowing. My son said he has been using it for 3 years without any problem. I have been using it for a couple of months without any problems. Sure beats the heat.

  42. Michael Gat says:

    I’m with MayorQuimby. How well it will work for you will depend on what you need to do with it. It’s not a good platform for content creation, but a great one for consumption. For my needs, it can’t replace a laptop, so I decided to hold off altogether because in my life, it’ll just always be duplicating everything else and when I travel I’ll always opt for the one device (laptop) that I can’t live without rather than having two devices and the extra weight/hassle they entail.

    That, of course, is me. Your needs probably are different.

  43. Fehro says:

    For those of you still love scratching out notes old school. Here’s a beautiful paper virtual pad marriage.

  44. Derrick says:

    Dear Barry, your quote of the day is incomplete. It seems to end at ““The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill ”


    BR: The dreaded errant hard return — I fixed it, thanks!

  45. kabaaz says:

    there will probably be a barrage of products coming out in the run-up to Christmas. I hate Windows OS but iPad seems pretty limited. For ideas, I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the the Fujitsu T580. But then, I’m lusting after stylus support. Just depends what you want it for.

  46. timjones17 says:

    Google says that the latest Android version, the 2.2 Froyo is not optimized for tablets, so the thing about Android behind Apple, well, the Android smartphones are kicking iPhone’s butt

  47. Thomaspin says:

    Jeez, enough already with the mental masturbation. Don’t buy ONE, buy SIX. one for every house/room/location. They are dirt cheap, instant on and bog reliable. I place trades from mine all the time – and call BS on those who say it’s a consumption- only device.

    Then do what I did – buy a half dozen more and give one to each of your friends.

    Waiting for Mark 2 is a huge opportunity cost. Business 101.

    And if you really must look like a loser, get a Kindle instead. Yeah, I have used one ….

    Finally, download Handbrake and RipIt! to your iMac, rip your favorite movie DVDs to ‘Apple TV’ format and load them on GoodReader on the iPad for those long flights.

    When Mark 2 comes along use the first gen ones as piicture frames to display snaps of your nearest and dearest in all your homes.

  48. Chris M says:

    WSJ’s Walt Mossberg:

    An American in Paris Says Au Revoir to His Laptop

    By the way, Android is shit. It is the past. Google has acknowledged
    that when they created Chrome OS (the future).

    I wish you the very best.

  49. JasRas says:

    Yet another benefit of being married! Go get that iPad!

  50. phb says:

    BR – Please buy one…then perhaps you will build an app for TBP for me to enjoy! After owning the iPad since opening weekend, I have come to despise traditional web browsing and have come to appreciate a good app and leave the whole “flash” issue behind. With the os update due in November, the 1st gen iPad will be fine until the next thing comes along. Enjoy your purchase.

  51. Deborah says:

    I am holding off. I am not happy with my ipod purchases. The touch was incompatible with the radio receiver in the car and so the battery would not charge, so I had to plug it into my laptop. My laptop was not the computer I’d loaded the ipod from and ever since then I get three error messages of sorts about Apple/itunes when I boot the computer and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it, just from trying to charge my ipod. And I had to fork out another $100 for an updated radio receiver.

  52. Bruman says:

    Barry, I don’t know of anyone with an iPad who isn’t very happy with it, and many were unsure when they plunked down their plastic. I include myself in both categories (happy, and formerly a bit unsure).

    If you’re on the fence, that’s close enough… go for it! You’ll be glad you did. The resale value will be high, so the risk to you is really very very low in both absolute and relative terms.

    I can say that, while the iPad hasn’t been quite as “magical” as I had imagined, I am still very happy I bought one and have zero regrets.

    When the iPad 2 comes out, I will decide if it’s worth the bump up in price (minus the cost of selling the old one). But for now, I am very satisfied.

  53. ByteMe says:

    I’m a tech-head who doesn’t even think about getting the latest toys (my kids are more fun than any tech toy), but…

    If you think of it as a purchase that you’ll likely throw out in 2 years, is it worth it to you to buy it?

    Basically, with technology, think about its price vs. features + timeframe. If you think you’ll be a strong user for 18 months and then start shopping for the next great thing (and take 6 months to do that), then you are in the right frame of mind to make your ipad purchasing decision.

    But also make sure you include the cost (and headaches) of AT&T’s network if that’s the connectivity you choose for it.

  54. econimonium says:

    As a tech guy and even an adjunct that teaches comp sci classes (don’t tell anyone) I’ll give you my experience and anecdotal survey evidence from the college kid perspective…

    The iPad will never replace a laptop. It’s a consumption vehicle only and everyone I know that has one and does serious stuff reaches for their laptop to do it. I’ve used one and it’s nice, but hard to read because of the screen glare (depending on the lighting) and virtually impossible to do any credible work on.

    I heart my Kindle. Sorry Apple, but as a reading device, it trumps the iPad in cost, actual reading ability, and pop in the man-bag ease. The new one is especially good even in low light on a train. The iPad is infuriating with glare and build up in oils from my skin in using the touch screen such that reading isn’t fun.

    I have polled all my classes since the iPad came out and NONE, I’ll repeat this for effect NONE of my students plan to buy one. Now, admittedly these are all engineering/science students but they all think it’s too expensive and pretty useless. There is a HUGE age divide with most of the younger students not going for the marketing, but talking utility. I think if I talked to the marketing students the response would be opposite, but there you go.

    So just do what I do. Get a crappy but utilitarian laptop and throw them in the recycle bin every two years. Get a Kindle for reading and call it a day.

  55. MarcosJQ says:

    Um… why don’t you stick with paper a while longer?

    this article will point out why….

    failing that… your idea of getting one now and handing it down is a great idea!! wish i could do that….

    PS. all data visualisations will look GOrgeous as Steve would say! ;)

  56. ashpelham2 says:

    I also carried a Blackberry for about 3.5 years. I didn’t think I could live without it. Then, 2 weeks ago, I got my first iphone, the iphone 4. It rawks me foice.

    It truly is connected and does everything i can imagine a phone doing, including browsing the internet at lightning speed. Never could do that with a blackberry. I don’t really think I need an ipad for anything at all, with this iphone. It just seems like an unnecessary step in between the phone and the computer. In fact, I’ve used our laptop at home a lot less since I got the little gadget.

    But, I’m a pretty basic consumer user. I don’t do any gaming, don’t do any blogging to speak of, and generally am always in the car. That’s a place an ipad just won’t help me. I’m typing this message from my desk right now, on an IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad, which works beautifully, thank you very much!

  57. Dervin says:

    I think we can break it down.

    Did you get the first Iphone? If yes, how did you feel when the 3G came out? In my opinion though, I think the jump between Ipad 1. & Ipad 2 will be a lot smaller than everybody thinks. Ipad learned from iPhone and iPod.

  58. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Kindle 3 (much smaller now) is a no-brainer. Ipad is nice but too bulky, I feel like I’m carrying around a picture frame. I use the Kindle strictly for newspapers FT, WSJ, NYT and magazines like Bloomberg, Economist, etc. The only books I’ve recently purchased were Judge Napolitano’s (who told Ralph Nader on C-Span that Bush and Cheney should be criminally indicted…sounds like a must read to me) everything else are newspapers and magazines I no longer have to lug around and at much lower cost. I can run searches on all those Kindle publications and it will pull up the article. All this for $200 with no monthly bill. The Kindle unlike the Nook (as far as I know) has outbond internet as well so I can use the 3G to send emails or check whatever website. I get the and TBP blog update emailed to me whenever something new is posted. The other great thing is the text to speech which works very well on all these periodicals, something the Ipad does not have. Nothing better than riding the train and listening to yet another right wing opinion piece in the WSJ. At least I can rest my eyelids so its not a total loss.

  59. Sayitisntso says:

    1. The jump to “Ipad 2″ will be significant. Think outside the box.

    2. Livermore Shimervore Says:

    Kindle 3 (much smaller now) is a no-brainer. Ipad is nice but too bulky…

    This is a deal-breaker for some. If you are already stuck carrying a bunch of stuff, then no big deal. But if you like the idea of not having to carry stuff, then a Kindle in your coat pocket becomes the technology of choice. This can result in the infinite difference between zero and one: In situations where you don’t have your “bunch of stuff” with you, having that easy to carry device on hand is infinitely better than nothing.

  60. AG Sage says:

    Livermore, Do you ever load your own PDFs onto your Kindle? We’ve found that to be an incredible hassle, but maybe there is something about that we’re not getting right. The free connection to get new books is wonderful, however. But we never use the Kindle to review our own sourced documents. Life is too short. I can read it by the time I get it onto the Kindle. Barry specifically does not want to connect to 3G, btw. Just sayin’.

    Sayitisntso, Apple is apparently fixing that with the 7 inch ipad. If one can believe such rumors.

    econimonium, my business partner, who has giant bear paw hands that break every device he owns (beware, companies willing to sell this man an extended warranty…), leaves his laptop at home and takes meeting notes on his ipad. I would not believe it without seeing it. I’m not going to argue that it’s rational behavior, just tossing that anecdote into the pile. I think he likes that because it’s lying flat, it is not a barrier on the table like a laptop would be.

  61. Livermore Shimervore says:

    yes I’ve loaded PDFs. send the email to your personalized kindle email and it appears on your Kindle. But sometimes it doesn’t show up right away and the screen is not ideal for graphics and charts. If Apple is smart and comes up with a Kindle 3 size Ipad WITHOUT a monthly bill and under $400 it could be game over for Bezos. I love the Chinese King being interviewed by Fareed on GPS “ahh….You say trade decicit unfair? Apple Ipod…retail cost…. U.S. $299…China manufacturer fee to build $4 ”
    btw, I can’t stress the importance of not adding yet another monthly techie gadget bill. You pay for internet at home , inernet on your phone, internet on your Ipad, Kindle subscriptions, streaming Net Flix, Google TV, Apple TV, etc. Just how much internet access do you actually need in your life?

  62. topcatclr says:

    Speaking from experience, an ipad will not take the place of your laptop or desktop, don’t believe the hype. But it will completely eviscerate the appeal of your iphone.

    Exactly! Which is why i bought the Droid X. Big screen, totally portable and does way more than an ipad. Why carry a freaken ipad around all day when you can do it all on a big phone! Ipad, no thanks, i’m straight!