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4 Responses to “Judge Painter Retirement Letter, WSJ Article on Judge Lynch”

  1. JohnL says:

    Thank you from a 20 year veteran of the futures market

  2. Winston says:

    Thanks for finding this. What are possible fallout scenarios from a legal perspective?

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  4. Julia Chestnut says:

    Thanks for posting the full-text. This has been kicking around the legal community for a few days, because it is so, so extraordinary. Judges just don’t do this.

    I feel extremely pessimistic that Levine will even be forced to retire, much less that he will be tried for violations of the rules of judicial conduct.

    Unfortunately, what I see, is that the rule of law and the faith of the common person that their case will be heard fairly just keep taking a beating. Of course, the conduct is nothing new — it’s the drumbeat of revelations that seems to be growing.