Helluva day I missed today!

I was out of the office at a board meeting that started at 10am, and I am just getting home now.

Back to normal tomorrow . . .

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9 Responses to “Long Day!”

  1. JerseyCynic says:

    go baaaaaack to sleeeeep Mr. Ritholtz…..


    “…After January 2, 2011, America will have a lame duck president and a gridlock that will keep congress from creating any further damage. This will only be the beginning as people vent their anger at Wall Street and banking and its den of thieves. This tidal wave of rejection will really manifest itself when the elitist insiders in retribution collapse the stock and bond markets. Mark our words that will happen over the next few years, as will dollar devaluation and debt default. The ball has just started to roll and where it will all end up no one knows. The temple of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street could very well be doomed to destruction. The public now understands that Wall Street and banking own the Fed and they really make all the decisions and are the creators of all inside information. they profit on almost every trade. They cannot lose. They own the game. That is why for the last 18 months there has been an exodus of funds from the stock market to bonds, gold and silver and commodities. Naked shorting is rampant and the SEC and CFTC do nothing about it. Front running, known as flash trading, rigs every trade. More than 70% of trades are computer, black box driven by pros. Is it any wonder gold and silver hit new highs every day, Weiner & Waxman bring legislation to regulate coin dealers, when in fact they want to collect data on coin and bullion buyers. America has turned into a cesspool.
    The reaction of the public to this crime syndicate will be staggering. Glass-Steagall will return and the wall between brokerage, banking and insurance will be re-erected. The system will be stripped in a way that 1933 and 1934 could never imagine. The system will be purged of malinvestment and banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies that are now broke will be allowed to fail. No more two sets of books. The Fed is responsible for all this debt and failure. It all lies at the feet of those who control the Fed. These are the people who have deliberately collapsed the system for more profit and power and the imposition of their dream of world government. The illusion of wealth that the Fed foisted on the public is over and the public is not ready to fall for it again. The public realizes they and the system are insolvent and they are very unhappy about it. Any effort to revive consumption will be futile. Veiled and overt threats to the public and Congress, as we saw from Henry Paulson and more recently by Ben Bernanke, are not going to work. The public is spoiling for a fight and when that happens a fight is sure to ensue. If these malevolent creatures take down Wall Street and banking you can be sure Paris, On July 14, 1789 will look like a picnic. Our aristocracy had best heed the message or they’ll end up like the 300,000 who lost their heads so long ago. Hell hath no fury like an enraged mob. The elitists had better wake up and stop their games robbery and extortion. They have to come to an end………”

  2. Winston says:

    Did you see this?

    From futuresmag:

    Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Administrative Law Judge George H. Painter made serious allegations regarding fellow CFTC judge Bruce Levine in announcing his retirement.In a notice sent to complainants and their attorneys, Judge Painter claims that Levine told him that he had promised former CFTC Chair Wendy Gramm “that he would never rule in a complainants favor”. Painter’s notice goes on to say, “A review of his rulings will confirm that he has fulfilled his vow.”


  3. Yah, the judge’s full opinion was sent to me yesterday. (I’ll post in the Think Tank)

    Arbitrations are rigged, and now we know that this judge should go to jail, along with professional harlot Wendy Gramm

  4. philipat says:

    Ah yes, but at what time did BOD end and the apres-BOD commence? ;-)

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    philipat and I must think alike :)

  6. Mike in Nola says:

    UK sales an mortgages surprised analysts by falling again.

    These must be the same analyst Apple fools every quarter. So the country was expecting half a million job cuts in a much smaller population than the US, but everyone was supposed to keep spending lke they had been?

  7. VennData says:

    BR says, “Back to normal tomorrow” is that the new normal? or the old normal?

  8. lambert says:

    Isn’t “professional harlot Wendy Gramm” not merely redundant but doubly redundant?