Chris & I appear at the 3 minute mark:

Airtime: Mon. Oct. 18 2010 | :43:0 10 ET

Discussing whether the banks are headed for disaster with a new round of government intervention, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ; Chris Whalen, Institutional Risk Analytics and CNBC’s Jane Wells.

Category: Media, Video

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3 Responses to “Nationalized Housing Market”

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  2. MikeW says:

    “We should have went Swedish on them…”

    Best line in an excellent interview.

    Obviously Larry & Chris both picked up that reference, but for the sake of the average viewer, I wish CNBC would devote more time to explaining just what that implies. When Swedish banks screwed up royally, their gov’t didn’t just roll over like a bunch of indentured servants, they made absolute b***busters out of themselves and saw to it that the banks paid for what they got from Swedish taxpayers. There was another way, and Bush/Obama apparently ignored it.

  3. tyaresun says:

    Thank you very much for what you are doing on this front. I, and I am sure a countless other folks really appreciate your effots.