Very interesting overview of the financial blogosphere via data diary. They break the online money universe into 6 (5 really) tiers:

1. Major Media WSJ, Bloomberg, FT (but no YahooFinance!)

2. Orginal content sites (Business Insider,, Seeking Alpha)

3. Aggregated content providers (ZH, Minyanville, Financial Sense)

4. Blogs (TBP, Calc Risk, naked capitalism, Denninger)

5. Charts/Data (Stockcharts, FinViz, Freestockcharts)

6. Chartists (dShort, Slope of Hope, Elliot Wave)

All via Google Trends as well . . .


A minor detour – Snapshot of the financial blogosphere
Data Diary
07 October 2010

Category: Financial Press, Technical Analysis, Web/Tech, Weblogs

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4 Responses to “Snapshot of the Financial Blogosphere”

  1. TakBak04 says:

    BR…something interesting about this when I went to the link…


    From BR’s Linked Article …Says:

    Newscorp’s got the moves:

    (Go to the site for the doesn’t post, here)

    Apologies for the useless scaling – send your optician’s bills to Google. Given that the WSJ Digital Network includes MarketWatch (3.5m uniques per month), Bloomberg (5.6m) and the Journal (7.5m), Newscorp’s got it’s paws all over the big end of town. It’s interesting that the Journal has outperformed Bloomberg by visitors (different business models but suggests that the Journal is having some success despite its paywall). CNNMoney (5.6M) is slipping quietly behind. (3.8m) is included as a point of reference. Sure the UK doesn’t have the population of the US, but the pink sheet is making slow progress. It’d be remiss not to mention YahooFinance with 5.0m daily uniques or 31m unique visitors per month – doing just fine thanks.


    My Comment from TakBak…..So……..Newscorp’s “Got the Moves” ……..Oh My………

    Given the Supreme Court’s Decision, I have no doubt that Rupert Murdoch’s “Got the Moves.”

    Very interesting how Polictics and Wall St. move in these ways….these days…….and the traffic to blogs might have some “political” implications?

  2. VennData says:

    The High Frequency Bloggers have taken over.

    They don’t care about anything other than making small, incremental blogments, damn the American system of free enterprise where the best wins out with billions of comments a second, trillions of profitable blogs every second…

    I say we stop the High Frequency bloggers – Clinton is how they got in by the way! – And start doing what the rest of the world does, low frequency commentary and… make the IMF put all those foreigner’s electronic markets into people-focused nickel spread manual systems. …and make all their businesses pay for health care too!

    Make global businesses pay for health care! Even the playing field with the US …and start allowing global insurance companies to drop coverage for the sick, disallow children, stop any insurance company from competing in a local market. Yeah! Bring the US system to the world! Ram it down their throats! Give them Obama if they love him so much!

    U…S…A… U..S…A…

  3. contrabandista13 says:


    If you missed this, you should see it….

    Funny and Sad…..

    Mortgage Broker Association Strategic Default

  4. kevinselhi says:

    At first glance, those six buckets don’t strike me as mutually exclusive or exhaustive… Don’t Minyanville/ZH have exclusive content? And their models appear to be very different as well. Not sure how helpful this is in terms of conceptualizing the landscape, but I’m giving the article a read now…. At least its a diversion!