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I always find it interesting to see what books TBP readers are buying.


13 Bankers (Simon Johnson, James Kwak)

All the Devils Are Here (Bethany McLean, Joe Nocera)

Art of Contrary Thinking (Humphrey Bancroft Neill)

Bailout Nation (Barry Ritholtz)

Being Right or Making Money (Ned Davis)

Chasing Goldman Sachs (Suzanne McGee)

Griftopia (Matt Taibbi)

New York at Night (Jason Hawkes)

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Edwin Lefèvre)

The Back of the Napkin (Dan Roam)

The Big Short (Michael Lewis)

The Monster (Michael W. Hudson)

Third World America (Arianna Huffington)


(Kindle Versions)


Too Big to Fail (Andrew Ross Sorkin)

The Great Derangement (Matt Taibbi)

Bailout Nation (Barry Ritholtz)

Griftopia (Matt Taibbi)

The Monster (Michael W. Hudson)

Understanding Financial Crises (Franklin Allen, Douglas Gale)

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14 Responses to “Books Bought By Big Picture Readers (October, 2010)”

  1. dss says:

    A great book I am reading now is:

    The Quants

    While I didn’t purchase it through your site, (it was at my local library) I would highly recommend it.

    In his new book, “The Quants,” Wall Street Journal reporter Scott Patterson suggests how this new breed of mathematicians and computer scientists took over much of the financial system—and the damage they inflicted in the 2007 meltdown.


    BR: I read it last summer — liked it very much!

  2. Ltdata says:

    Lookit the price of “Being Right..” $635! (subtitle: How to become a millionaire writer) “Written with a general audience in mind (huh?) Hey guys, want to buy this and do time shares on it?

    On my list “The e myth revisited – why most small businesses don’t work.. M. Gerber, and probably Bailout Nation.

  3. Livermore Shimervore says:

    my recent Kindle reads and re-reads:
    When Genius Failed (the road map to all bubbles);
    The Greatest Trade Ever ( great Paulson white wash of GS synth CDOs);
    Reminscences but in paper due to the nifty new Markman annotatations (pictures!);
    Lies the Government Told You by Fox “News” legal analyst Judge Napolitano (who recently told Nader that he thinks Bush & Cheney should be indicted CRIMINALLY “easy prosecutorial standard met”);
    Too big To Fail (aka the verbatim screenplay for Wall Street part II — zzz ZZZZ zzzz ZZZZ);
    Liar’s Poker (need to get back to it– the Lewie Ranieri mortgage bubble ala 1982 [peanuts!] was timely);
    Killing Pablo (comic relief);
    McMafia (trying to understand the BRIC criminal mind).
    Listened to the Bailout Nation about four times on the Kindle while riding my 29er. This a must have feature on all Kindle books.

  4. gringo says:

    BR. Your Amazon link needs work


    BR: Thats funny! Screwed up my own link — I’ll fix above

  5. this: “The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America–and Spawned a Global Crisis” (Title-wise) should be illuminating, by itself.

    this Man’s, Michael Hudson, work, far beyond the impish “Austerian/Keynesian”-prattle, certainly is..


    given AMZN’s, obvious, f(l)ailing with their Kindle-fanboi Issues..

    Why not an open-source, open-thread, Book Review time, during a given Month, here, @ TBP?

  6. wunsacon says:

    Would like to see “Econned” make that list, too — Yves rocks!

  7. ReductiMat says:

    3D Pie Charts make baby jesus cry. Especially ones that are almost lying flat.

  8. Bruman says:

    Interesting. Where does this data come from?

    I have Bailout Nation (kindle version; I consider it my subscription fee. :-) ), though I read it a while back.

    Other things I’ve recently read (in the last 6 months)

    Mohammed El’Arian’s “When Markets Collide.”

    Steven Drobny’s “The Invisible Hands”

    Robert Shiller’s “Animal Spirits”

    Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short” (audiobook version)

    Malcolm Gladwell’s “What the Dog Saw” (audiobook version too)

  9. Julia Chestnut says:

    I’m a bad, bad regular reader: I’m all about the dead tree, but I’m trying to become strictly a catch-and-release program for books. I got Bailout Nation at the library. God, I love the library.

    Haven’t read any of the rest of these, but I did read Taleb’s Black Swan. Haven’t read much of anything else lately that wasn’t patently escapist, but I did reread “The Culture of Contentment” by JK Galbraith. I didn’t see it as a masterwork when it came out, but I see it as extremely prescient now. Otherwise, it’s been case law and statutes for me, and not a lot of reading energy left by the time work is done.

  10. Grace Styles says:

    Here’s an article from the UK about what they think is the top investment books:


  11. burnstony says:

    The Big Picture was great

    Everyone should read
    ‘The Predator State’ Galbraith has diagnosed the disease and shown the way toward a cure

  12. sir magneto says:

    Nice *subtle* advertisement for Griftopia, which came out on Amazon this week. I actually think I will buy it.

  13. bernandoo says:

    pie charts are for suckers.

  14. [...] is an update to an October post looking at the same data. Seems like a greater variety of titles made it into noticeable sales [...]