November 3 Text vs September 21 Text

Fed Side by Side 20101103

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4 Responses to “FOMC STATEMENTS: SIDE-BY-SIDE (11/3 vs 9/21)”

  1. willid3 says:

    they must have a form letter. that they just modify from time to time. to fit what they think it needs to do

  2. seana0325 says:

    Hey Barry,

    At what point would it be best to ignore the ’4 stages of a bear market’ analogue, and hop on this market b/c of the fed and their money fun bag?

    Seriously, is there a cutpoint that would make you go 100% long and throw statistical history out the window?

    Richard. S is yippin about Dow theory buy signals, and others are talkin breakout on both the Nas & SnP, all this talk is makin me sweat that I aint in these them markets!

  3. HarryWanger says:

    Look, everyone was on the wrong side of this trade. I was at ZH for the past couple of weeks giving them the low down on the Fed announcement. Hysterical that everyone thought there would be a “sell on the news” or “baked in”. I advised everyone to go long. When everyone on CNBC thought the market would sell on this news, you were an idiot to go long.

    BTW: That perspective got Harry Wanger banned from the perpetually wrong, doomsday crowd at ZH. Last laugh Tyler!

  4. rootless says:

    Wanger, do you remember that you predicted in October 2009 a “mini-economic boom”, and you also predicted Dow 11,500 for the end of the year 2009, and then a further increase to 12,500? Should anyone really listen to your “advice”?