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2 Responses to “Holiday Shopping Season: The Haves vs. the Have-Nots”

  1. isolde100 says:

    They’re talking about people paying full price? It’s a fantasy. I and many of my friends searched for 20 percent or greater discounts on items we are replacing. If the merchant was offering only free shipping or 15 percent, forget it. I waited many months for this 20-30 percent off sale to get certain things I’ve had my eyes on and I suspect so did many other people.

  2. bear_in_mind says:

    @isolde100: I have to agree. I know it’s early and a lot of data has yet to be collected, but IMHO, their ‘reporting’ was pretty sloppy here.

    Retailers were able to motivate some value buying at 40-60 percent discounts, but “full retail”? C’mon, even Saks Fifth Avenue is running sales! Nordstrom had (has) a boatload of 40+ percent discounted gear. GAP was 50 percent off store-wide until 12 noon. Banana Republic was 40 percent all-day online with free shipping… but that merely matched a sale they had in September to clear the post-Back To School inventory. And Costco had lots of 25-35 percent in-store discounts.

    I observed mostly quarter-full shopping carts and ample inventory of steeply discounted items still on the shelves Black Friday afternoon. So I think those who had a cushion went out and snapped up steep bargains, but expect a lean season overall.

    My shopping is complete (about 40 percent less spent than ’09) and I didn’t buy anything at less than 30 percent discount. I also won’t have a cross-country flight home this year due to extenuating circumstances and airfares, so I that’ll trim another $1,000-1,200 spend (with ancillary costs) from circulation.