Tonite I will be on Fast Money on CNBC at 5:00pm discussing GM IPO, Ford, and Banks.

Also up for conversation: Too Bad Banks Missed Out On the GM Treatment


UPDATE: Videos posted here

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9 Responses to “Media Appearance: CNBC’s Fast Money (11/18/10)”

  1. Sechel says:

    1)We have determined that our disclosure controls and procedures and our internal control over financial reporting are currently not effective. The lack of effective internal controls could materially adversely affect our financial condition and ability to carry out our business plan.
    2)On a U.S. GAAP basis, the U.S. pension plans were underfunded by $17.1 billion at December 31, 2009 and underfunded by $19.5 billion at July 10, 2009.
    I could also mention tax loss carry forwards …

  2. obsvr-1 says:

    GM IPO,

    on another point that is irritating is that GM sold $4.35B in new issue preferred shares today as well.
    For one the Gov’t position should have been in preferred not common, that way the taxpayer collects dividends on the shares while the company recovers to a point where the preferreds would be redeemed. A provision of the preferred could have been convertible to common where a portion could be converted and sold into the market over various points in time.

    The fact that GM issues new preferred shares while the gov’t is still not paid back is another outrage not reported in the MSM.

  3. soloduff says:

    Perchance I caught BR’s appearance on “Fast Money” today. The questions the panel posed were mediocre, but BR replied with substantive comments. Most of all I appreciated his demeanor; speaking in the even tone and rhythm of adult speech, in contrast to hyperventilated manner of the hyperexcited fast-$ panelists, who never fail to remind me of a hall full of college undergrads on adderal, ritalin, dexedrine and other such metabolism boosters at exam time. I suspect that BR’s demeanor subliminally registered upon the panel who, like bored children, gave BR less talking time than his views warranted. What is wrong with these people?

  4. VennData says:

    Cisco = Dell. They are a commodity company. Have you figured it out yet?

    Cisco is a commodity product seller. I know they don’t think that, on CNBC, but they don’t know what’s going on. They are like Republicans, dealing with old thinking… the ones who told you Obama would ruin GM, remember? Wrong!

    They told you Supply Side tax cuts will pay for themselves… Wrong!

    Good luck investing your own money if you believe the GOP lies you keep hearing…

    Oh.. sorry… the GOPis a serious political party, that’s impossible to “refudiate.”

  5. Hearts says:

    Agree with soloduff here.

    Barry — What is your take on Ford? I couldn’t tell if you were disagreeing with the other guy that liked Ford over GM. I’ve been thinking about going in to Ford for a couple months now and think its product line, including the sync system, is much stronger than GM’s.

  6. kenny powers says:

    BR, Fast Money should be beneath you. What a bunch of clowns. The voice of reason (being Karen) is never on anymore, so now we basically have a footballplayer with ADHD who doesn’t know how to use an “inside-voice”, and a cast-member from Jersey Shore commenting on the markets. CNBC is such a joke. Get rid of that annoying little british permabull twerp, at the veryleast….

  7. AHodge says:

    Awesome, nailedit
    how’d yu get to be the best economist on the street?