Asha Bangalore provides us with a quick refresher course as to the impact of the Fed’s quantitative easing:

dgc  11.02   1 A

dgc  11.02  3

dgc  11.02 5

You can see the full run of charts at the link below


A Refresher Before Fed’s Announcement of Second Round of Quantitative Easing
November 2, 2010
Asha Bangalore

Category: Federal Reserve, Markets, Think Tank, Trading

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2 Responses to “Northern Trust: A Refresher Prior to QE2”

  1. Ted Kavadas says:

    Thanks for posting; these are interesting.

    Of course, there are a variety of ways to assess the impact of QE1. recently posted some interesting commentary with regard to it; I excerpted it on my blog here:

    Other commentary on QE2 that I found especially notable is here:

  2. Thanks for posting; these are interesting.


    Does he have an expanded set of these?

    that may include the 30-yr UST, the ‘implied yield’ from the UltraBond Contract, and, you know, maybe a Price Chart of a ‘Div.Yield’ Equity Index..for, some, potential, flavors..

    and, maybe, as a wildcard, a Chart of implied Beta on ‘Microcaps’… (these daze, BOE.V, just, may be a nano-Cap)