I was discussing with a group of traders the other day how to use various oscillators with a moving average. Percentage of NYSE stocks over the 200 day MA, percent of SPX stocks over 50 day, etc.

Someone complained that when they didn’t have access to their Bloomberg terminal, they could not pull up those charts.

Thanks to Stockcharts.com, that turns out not to be the case. Here are a variety of MAs on Nasdaq, NYSE, S&P500 and TSX exchanges:


click for full list of indices

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5 Responses to “Percentage of Stocks Over an Index’ Moving Average as an Oscillator”

  1. BabyDragon says:

    There is a bearish divergence in

    S&P (April 2010 Peak) : S&P (Spot) :: $NYA200R(April 2010 Peak) : $NYA200R(Spot)

    Similar divergence can be seen on

    S&P (April 2010 Peak) : S&P (Spot) :: VIX(April 2010 Peak) : VIX(Spot)

    Baby Dragon do not know what they call it on land of benevolent Ben Shalom Bernanke.
    I guess Technical Analysts on my planet call it Bearish Signal.

    Will I be long, No not with that kind of divergence.
    Will I short here, yes very carefully but yes, yes, finger on the trigger.

  2. DL says:

    Yes, worth considering.

    Regression to the mean.

  3. rdhall3637 says:

    Perfect example just in these comments of what makes a market…. BabyDragon is going short and we are 100% long right here. Great stuff!

    This oscillator is like most in that it is great for general knowledge but certainly should not be used to make trading decisions. In hindsight it looks so obvious when the oscillator picks a top or bottom. However, the one time it does not work you will get killed. Thanks for sharing however, as it’s always good to see some discussion on these tools.

    This new, very strong uptrend is in place now on daily chart. “All-in” on the long side until that breaks decisively.


  4. BabyDragon says:

    dear rdhall3637,

    You are 100% correct about oscillators Yes I am a bit of short with Stops in place.
    About oscillators and stops, I learned in old trader in Malaysia that,

    “Have faith in god but tie your camel.”

  5. rdhall3637 says:

    BabyDragon, careful with those Stops… even if they are “hidden stops” the experts know where they are based on statistical analysis and looking at where the “unhidden” stops are. They can drive the market down and take them out before moving higher.

    I strongly recommend holding back your order until it is time and then putting it in for execution.