I’ve been meaning to post this, and I keep forgetting: One of my favorite shows — Top Gear: 350 million viewers, $1.5 billion a year? Who knew?

60 Minutes Broadcast

Extended Version

Alt version at YouTube

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2 Responses to “Top Gear on 60 Minutes”

  1. deanscamaro says:

    Why is it we have to leave it up to the Brits to develop a show that is truly enjoyable versus having to watch some American producer develop another REALITY show. Watch how the American producers screw up this wonderful show when it comes over here. I’d rather just watch the BBC.

  2. RadioFlyer says:

    @ deanscamaro,

    While I agree with the sentiment (and love Top Gear), it’s worth noting that the vast majority of “American” “reality” shows are in fact created and/or produced by Brits, and often are Americanized (but still produced by Brits) versions of British or other European shows.

    Mark Burnett: Survivor, The Apprentice, 5th Grader
    Simon Fuller: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance
    Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef
    Stephen Lambert: Wife Swap, Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire
    BBC Worldwide: Dancing with the Stars
    John De Mol (Dutch): Big Brother

    There are probably lots of others, but that’s most of the big ones, right?

    Anyway, they’re just doing the smart thing and (usually) dumbing it down for the American market. Can’t say I blame them.

    BBC America, FTW.