This is getting to be a habit with the banks:

Hat tip Aaron B

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3 Responses to “Wells Fargo Reposses Fully Paid Off Car”

  1. Evoo Kermartin says:

    Barry, thank you for picking this up. Retail installment contracts get securitized into asset backed securities just like mortgages. Lien holders are recorded with your state’s DMV not unlike the way mortgage lien holders are recorded in your county deed office.

  2. posdivrg says:

    How about she steals a car from WF and then says whoops, sorry.

  3. Eye Wall says:

    Not many comments here, too bad.

    Barry, if you’re reviewing comments, isn’t it illegal to steal a car? What allows WF to steal something they don’t own and then say, ‘oh, that was a mistake’? If *anyone* else did that I think they would be hauled off and prosecuted right? And, if companies are now considered to have an ‘individual voice’, shouldn’t they also get the responsibilities that come along with all the rights of individuals (e.g. you steal something that’s not yours, you get prosecuted and go to jail)? The banks are completely out of f****** control.