My buddy Jeff, who worked at Yahoo during the glory days of the late 1990s and early 2000s, then was President of, sends this graphic along re: online shopping:


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A Case Of The Mondays: How Cyber And Green Mondays Rule Online Shopping December 17th, 2010

Category: Consumer Spending, Retail

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5 Responses to “By the Numbers: Online Holiday Shopping”

  1. philipat says:

    Are Aericans inserted with a chip at birth which automatically programmes them to go online and shop on cyber-Monday? Wouldn’t logic dicate to do it a week earlier in time to take delivery before the rush, website crashes and shipping delays? Just wondered.

  2. mathman says:

    Ja, sie sind programmed like robots und it is futile to resist! (in a bad German accent ala Peter Sellers)

    The programming comes via the ad industry, TV, internet, and “culture.” We’re told what’s cool, hyped up about what to buy – what’s “in” – and led like lemmings from one fad to another. We’re also being deceived/distracted with respect to the wrongs/”mistakes” – financial/economic, governmental, environmental, corporate, etc. by these same means (tv, blogs, opinion pieces, ads, etc).

  3. rktbrkr says:

    Just a snapshot how online shopping is changing the american consumer.

    I was thinking about getting a new leather jacket and miraculously up popped a 75% off Amazon alert for name brand leather jackets. I never would have spent the best part of a day plowing thru packed malls anyway but it piqued my interest. I thought the 75% off was BS so I opened up a shopzilla window and searched the brand and up popped the ranked prices full 400 price at a brick & mortar, 200 at Amazon and 100 with the Amazon popup. Free shipping, no sales tax, free return if dissatisfied, so I was able to buy the jacket for about 100 (the NYS sales tax alone would have been nearly $40!).I’m not a mutant so I’m comfortable buying clothing online.

    The jacket was made in India – a new super cheap labor pool is opening up following China and the old East Asia Sphere of co-prosperity. A New Zealand sheep gave up the ghost for my comfort.

    Think globally and shop locally, a 10 minute shopping trip without leaving my recliner.

  4. rktbrkr says:

    The American consumer was really born under a lucky star, Japan,Korea and Taiwan designing consumer products for us, then contracting it out to 3 billion Asians toiling in sweatshops and Walmart doing the QA and distro.

  5. roger erickson says:

    Next year, you’ll just roll out of bed*, your browser will triangulate ambient temperature, hormone level & your daily schedule, auto-dress you, and slide you out the door to the cheapest breakfast joint. We’ll be free to not think at all about shopping, only about all the new, insanely great things we’ll be able to do with all our spare time.

    And if Comcast drops the connection, no-fault insurance will cover your untimely death.

    * the browser snooze alarm will continue to be managed with either mallet or revolver; thereby constituting a systemic failsafe for the fashion-dead