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5 Responses to “David Stockman: We Need Major Tax INCREASES”

  1. USSofA says:

    It’s been painful to listen to David Stockman as of late. Therefore I have to conclude that he is correct.
    This latest tax cut deal proves we are in a world of sh**t. Lets keep the party going, YEAH

  2. myopia says:

    Why when I listen to all negative guys do they sound so on the mark. Is this just my wetware letting me down.

  3. bear_in_mind says:

    Stockman nails it. The president has walked right into the Republican trap to destroy gov’t thru unsustainable debt… and threw diverting payroll deductions to SSA in as the ‘cherry on top’ of this hot fudge budget sundae. Disgusted with both sides of the aisle.

  4. FrancoisT says:

    Thee seems to be an irresistible attraction toward bipartisanship…whenever the deficit can be ratcheted higher!

    P.S. Stockman is right, of course.

  5. [...] Stockman, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, called the president’s deficit commission a “side show,” said the tax deal proved that Republicans are unserious about cutting spending and warned of a [...]