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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke discusses pressing economic issues, including unemployment, the deficit and the Fed’s controversial $600 billion U.S. Treasury Bill purchase. Scott Pelley reports:

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9 Responses to “Fed Chairman Bernanke On 60 Minutes”

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  2. FrancoisT says:

    A thoroughly underwhelming performance, full of discredited memes (the one on the causes of income gap was quite the BS sandwich) that a cursory reading of quality blogs (ahem!) effortlessly refutes every working day.

    Sad to see the most powerful banker in the world spewing so much bull in less than 30 minutes.

    Oh well!

  3. bear_in_mind says:

    If that interview was meant to build confidence, in my estimation he failed miserably. While I found his rhetoric predictably stale, his overt nervousness and stammering were quite striking. Given the frequency he’s in front of the media, such as testifying in front of Congress, it’s hard not deduce a whiff of panic in his delivery. Others I’ve spoken with had a similar reaction. What say thee?

  4. JesseLivermore says:

    He was *shaking* with fear. That was horrifying.

  5. oz says:

    Is his voice shaking when asked about the criticism of QE2 ? He doesn’t seem terribly confident explaining the fact that he is in fact not printing money. Tell me if you agree, I consider adding to my short position on this guy.

  6. Greg0658 says:

    I saw the BB interview last night – thought I’d check the out-takes for fun

    BR and all – you must have heard about the Greenspan at the Labor Dept last week on Squawk

    thought I’d give this a 2nd minuta millisecondmoment of GDP production value .. blahblahblah .. and its gone

    the exFedchief mentions – stuff bought (with real cash) is SO SO much more insight value than employment #s – real cash dropped for the future concepts on growth – stamped out real things

    I liked near the end asked about .. “do I dare” – he a central banker and stock brokers are in a meeting .. paraphrased – he felt like a cat on a hot tin roof or a cat in room full of wheelchairs .. he rattles off that Irational Exuberance .. thats because they BOTH print money FOR livings … and I think that is a base to investigate what is going on – to too two many money printers (well one is stock money) … those squids with funnels … that health care flag graph .. wanted but didn’t bother – wondered about the mass media in that frame – cause you know the interconnectedness of newspapers magazines radio transtv cabletv interneteverything and the Corporatocracy
    – cause lucky us it don’t cost you 1 red cent

  7. says:



    “The other concern I should mention is that inflation is very, very low, … ”


    Getting banks to loan isn’t the issue. The issue is the consumer who accounts for 70% of GDP. Reality to Bernanke: With 22% unemployment you can kiss a recovery good bye. The consumer is maxed out. Either re-value the currency or go a little faster to create hyperinflation (which will revalue the currency). Until the consumer can borrow THERE WILL BE NO ECONOMY.

  8. bear_in_mind says:

    Is it too late for BB to resign due to “family reasons” and bring Tall Paul in from the bullpen?

  9. Grace Styles says:

    Some thoughts on US quantitative easing:
    1. How can you solve a debt crisis by creating more debt?
    2. Ok, so now they’ve got the extra cash. It seems like it’s not getting to the right places?
    3. Bernanke’s media performances seem to be undermining consumer confidence.

    And overall, nobody seems to think this QE is a good idea, more reasons why here: