I’ve been enjoying Girl Talk‘s All Day — it reminds me more of the earlier, more listenable hiphop, such as Paul’s Boutique (one of my favorite albums).

I’ve been much less impressed with Kanye’s new (and very well reviewed) album), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — with a few exceptions, its just that much not fun to listen to.

All Day, on the other hand, is one big party.

Here is the breakdown of the sampling on the disc:


Hat tip: Josh Brown on Keyboards

Infographic: Girl Talk’s Latest Mashup Masterpiece Deconstructed
Fast Money Dec 7, 2010

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6 Responses to “Girl Talk: AllDay”

  1. tcolemanuf says:

    Good call. I have been listening to him for two years now since being introduced at a NYE’s party. He is coming to Brooklyn in late February, although I don’t know if it will be my scene. However I love using this as the workout tape, I just have all of his songs in one huge list and hit shuffle for my own special brew.

    Let me know if you have any success in spreading his music, it just doesn’t register with most of my friends. Glad to find another person with whom it does.

  2. Ned Baker says:

    Nice. Also been enjoying Girl Talk for a couple years. Glad to see he’s getting recognized.

    Thanks to the internet, the art of sampling has finally reached 1990′s levels, like the S&P500.

  3. ben22 says:

    I heard his shows are nuts, never been as I just started getting into this

  4. jdjed says:

    Girl Talk could learn a few things from Danger Mouse….


  5. CB says:

    RE: Kanye’s new release – I just don’t hear it either despite all the hype about the great production – what production? It sounds amatuerish to me – not much depth or interesting sonic choices.
    Also a Girl Talk fan – his shows are pure fun, crazy energy. Very creative sampling artistry and construction with interesting combinations of signifiers. Still how does he get immunity from sample clearance if he sells the recorded product?

  6. [...] to that the free download, and the killer graphic of all the artists used, and you have the making of an instant hip hop [...]