Even more holiday chart porn, via Daily Infographic:


click for ginormous infographic:

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9 Responses to “Holidays by the Numbers”

  1. Julia Chestnut says:

    That’s a little scary. It’s odd to see the whole thing in such mercenary detail! Strangely, it also drives home that we’re not doing our “job” as consumers in my family. . . .we’ve never taken a photo with Santa. My kids think it’s creepy.

  2. “250 will catch fire in someones home” (from the ‘info-graphic’, above)


    that would seem suspicious to the Fire Chief, at the min., no?

  3. jeff in indy says:

    “130 million pounds of eggnog are sold…” wonder what the bourbon and rum ratio is to even make that stuff palpable.

    also, is there a correlation between the 5,340 visa swipes/minute and santa’s 3,604 miles/sec?

  4. VennData says:

    One hour of homework a week, per stock. That’s five hours a week, fifty two weeks a year… that’s only 260 hours a year… or a man-month-plus…


    …my advice is buy indices.


    …and meet a good sex partner with those precious 260 hours a year… In ten years, that’s a man-year spent.

    Live. Buy indices. Get laid.

  5. troubled times says:

    Cops in Paramus NJ “closed” the Bergen Mall Friday night. There was no more room for the cars . Many that drove from NY were told to go home. Many thought the cops were making it up and called the station. They were told to go home.

  6. @Julia,

    .we’ve never taken a photo with Santa. My kids think it’s creepy.

    You can reassure them that photo technology has been around a long time and it is perfectly safe.

    5,340 Visa swipes per minute

    Yes, that is a good way to describe what Visa does

  7. mathman says:

    Well now, lookee what we have here! Yet another change to how the government measures unemployment. Gee i wonder why they’re doing that . . .


  8. Dow says:

    1.2 billion candy canes are sold each year.

    1.1 billion are thrown out.

  9. jlj says:

    70% of retail sales sales annual revenue made in december? that sounds wrong, December only would leave out day after Tday and that weekend! Even 70% of retail profits seems off, for if 70% of revenue is off, that would have to mean higher margins in December – the month of sales!