Awesome Easter Egg hidden in the IMDB page for This Is Spinal Tap: The rankings are out of 10 stars, except for Spinal Tap — It goes to 11.



If you don’t get the joke, and have not seen the movie, here is the wikipedia entry and the relevant clip . . .

The DVD/Bu-Ray is under $10 at Amazon


Hat tip kottke

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4 Responses to “It Goes To 11 . . .”

  1. beaufou says:

    They also had the shortest album review for Shark Sandwich.

  2. billdozer says:

    Didn’t you mean to say the DVD is under $11???

  3. No, when I posted that, they were $8.99 and $9.99 — both the DVD and the BluRay are under $10.

    Amazon apparently p[rices dynamically, and raises those prices in response to increased demand

  4. Loki4-2 says:

    Nice spot. I’m an avid users of the BBC iPlayer and thought a nice touch was the volume goes up to 11.

    Let’s see if it makes it in the global roll-out you guys.