Via A Blog to Read, we see this Manufacture Royale Opera Time-Piece Watch (Accordian)

The utterly insane price of the Manufacture Royale’s Opera wristwatch: $1,200,000


MR Montre Face1 Manufacture Royale Opera Time Piece Watch

MR Profil 3 4 Manufacture Royale Opera Time Piece Watch

MR Montre Dos Manufacture Royale Opera Time Piece Watch

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10 Responses to “The Opera Time-Piece: $1.2M”

  1. is this water-resistant?

  2. wngoju says:

    And practical too!

  3. KJ Foehr says:

    This reminds me of something a finance professor once said, “There is a constant migration of dollars from ninnies to non-ninnies.”

    There are, no doubt, even a few ninnies among the present day robber-baron oligarchs in the US willing to spend from their overflowing coffers for such a frivolity.

    And I’m sure the new reduction in the Estate Tax will bring this watchmaker a few more customers next year.

    The poor and the rich both waste a lot of their money; they just do it in strikingly different ways.
    The rich spill more on a good night than poor people waste in a month.
    To paraphrase Richard Pryor, This is God’s way of saying, “You have too much money.”

  4. I don’t know what is dumber. That someone would charge that much or that someone would pay it

    For that price at least they could paint some numbers on the thing. Surely someone has some number stickers in the back room?

    Does it come with a slave to read the time out for you? That’s where the real cost goes

  5. Jojo says:

    A gift fit for the Saudi Prince in your life.

    I bet they could make this in China for under $1,000!

  6. says:


  7. gloppie says:

    and ugly as sin too….

  8. beaufou says:

    Well, you could think of it as a valuable piece of art and craftsmanship.
    $1.2 million is nothing compared to the value of say…derivatives which are invented absurd entries being swapped between computers.
    9 Trillion dollars were distributed to save the latter, meanwhile work of true value is being destroyed a little more each passing day.

  9. carrottop says:

    redefining fugly

  10. Woof says:

    Can’t imagine paying that kind of money for a watch with no Indiglo(TM) backlight. $600k, tops.