If you have ever wondered where search rankings come from, then you will find this to be a pretty cool tool: PageRankGraph:



Play with it a bit: http://pagerankgraph.com/

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5 Responses to “Search Rankings Tool: PageRankGraph”

  1. Reinko says:

    Yes it looks like a cool thing, so I would like to try it with my own website but that link doesn’t work:


    Anyway, here from Europe (the Netherlands to be precise) it doesn’t work.
    It’s a pity but now minutes later I still have a 100% blank page and zero bits received.

  2. Reinko says:

    Ha ha ha, if I use the link from my own comment within a split second I am at pagerankgraph dot com.
    But the applet still doesn’t work for my website… (Likely a browser problem.)

    Interested in the name of my website?
    Sorry, I never place advertisements!

  3. Reinko says:

    It works! Yes after some waiting it actually worked!!!

    But I don’t have a clue how to view the reported numbers for my website, what does it mean that web.mit.edu contributes 1%?

    Weirdly enough even Foxnews contributes with 1% via 1 link, there are also lots of stuff I never visit myself:

    Boingboing dot net? I don’t have a clue but it’s a 6% contribution (of what?) via 12 links…


    So it’s all highly interesting, but why doesn’t the Pentagon pop up?
    A severe case of utter retardism or just the ususal flow of information inside the Pentagon?

  4. petewarden says:

    Thanks for the link Barry, I’m a long-time reader. The flood of traffic slowed down the server, sorry you hit that Reinko, but I’ve now hopefully fixed the issues. It is Firefox, Safari, Chrome or IE9 only unfortunately. If you want more information on the calculations behind it, I go into some of its workings here:

    Pete Warden –

  5. Reinko says:

    Hello Pete Warden:

    It also works on Opera… ;)