Sen. Kaufman: GOP Sacrifices Deficit at Altar of Lower Taxes for the Rich
Aaron Task
Yahoo Tech Ticker, Dec 14, 2010

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13 Responses to “Sen. Kaufman: GOP Sacrifices Deficit for Tax Cuts for Rich”

  1. Sarge says:

    Oh, what horseshit. How about “What’s the difference between rich people who already pay close to 50% of the income tax burden and out of control politicians who never saw a spending program they didn’t like?”

  2. FrancoisT says:


    You’re the one dumping horseshit by the truckload here.The rich pay in income taxes a proportion that is close to the proportions of national income they earn. So, don’t come here crying like a little bitch about unfairness for the oppressed rich. It does sound totally phony to this audience, who happen to THINK contrary to the TownHall and RedState crowd.

    BTW, income tax is but one form of taxation. For ALL these other forms, the rich pay MUCH LESS (in proportion of their total income) than the rest of us.

    Finally, could you also try something different than the old and quite frankly easy to deflate Reichpubliscum trick of focusing only to what the rich have to pay and enlighten the personal about what they KEEP AFTER TAXES?? Because this is what matters at the end of the day.

  3. Sarge says:


    Oh wait, did I stumble accidentally into the “Workers Daily”?

    For one the horseshit comment was for that stupid democratic pol Kaufman. Same ole, same ole. Beat up on those evil rich guys.

    How about its their (and our) money and the government tries every artifice they can think of to steal it? Or what about the 50% of the population that pays no income tax? I’m guessing you have little to no actual education in how markets work or the Von Mises take on Human Action. So you know if you’re in the mood for some bitch slapping I’m game you little socialist prick.

    Barry. You got some real nice people here.

  4. Sarge says:

    Oh wow, did I stumble accidentally into the “Workers Daily”? I feel so bitch slapped by such a knowledgable market guru. I’m just a little guy what do I know?

  5. Fredex says:

    I just looove that old time Democratic class warfare. Preach it Brother!

    “Reichpubliscum?” If that’s all you got, you got nothing.

  6. Sarge says:

    I like this little snippet from the WSJ yesterday. Kind of sums it up for me:

    “What might a more robustly moral argument look like? For one thing, it would address head-on the rhetoric of greed. One of the Seven Deadly Sins, greed is usually described as an insatiable desire for wealth. If that is true, when taxpayers who want to keep their hard-earned money are compared to politicians who want to take it from them to feed their uncontrolled spending, whose appetite better warrants the word insatiable?”

    FrancoisT’s argument seems to say “Hey, they got so much anyway so lets squeeze that golden goose a little harder” as if, like a Donald Duck comic book, Uncle Scrooge is diving off a high dive into piles of cash instead of the money being further invested into producing wealth = jobs, growth and all the the other “evils of Capitalism”.

    What worries MUCH more than how much John Q Rich has after taxes, is that 50% of the working population in this country make so little that they pay little or no taxes and have to rely on entitlements to survive. That means that half the population is supporting the other half. Socialism in our time.

  7. MakingtheDrop says:

    Both sides of the aisle are accomplices to the vast majority of Americans taking it up the ass by a powerful minority. When lubed up well, the vast majority finds this arrangement stimulating enough to be tolerate, if not enjoy. You gotta have a “top” and a “bottom,” its just the nature of human beings. Problem is the lube is running out and its costly (you gotta stop, get up, go to the store, buy the stuff and by then the mood is all lost). The “tops” know the “bottoms” are getting more than a little dry, but they’re not angry yet and it still feels so good pumping away. The bottoms might be chaffing sa bit, but how can something thats felt so right for so long, be wrong? “Next time…” right?

  8. The title says it all: “GOP Sacrifices Deficit at Altar of Lower Taxes for the Rich.” Deficit is a synonym for “net money created,” so Sen. Kaufman is complaining that the federal government is creating too much money — at a time when the economy is starved for money!
    He is yet another politician who does not understand Monetary Sovereignty , and for that reason, does not understand economics.
    History shows, a growing deficit is necessary for a growing economy (See: http://rodgermmitchell.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/introduction/), so to complain about the federal deficit is to complain about economic growth.
    The Sen. Kaufmans of America are the reason we have on average, one recession every five years.
    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  9. beaufou says:

    Here’s the reality about the “Workers Daily”

    close 20 000 plants, rely on credit and debt for so called growth and give more tax breaks to the top earners. Clever

    And the economy is not starved of money, it is concentrated in too few hands and banks are not lending.
    The RodgerMitchells of America are the reason we are close to feudalism.

  10. beaufou,

    Monetary Sovereignty is the foundation of economics, just as arithmetic is the foundation of mathematics. Those who do not understand Monetary Sovereignty do not understand economics.
    What continues to amaze me is how many people feel they understand economics without bothering to understand its foundation.
    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  11. victor says:

    The title of Kaufman’s piece should read: “GOP Sacrifices Deficit for tax Cuts for the Rich, including for myself, thank you very much”. Last I looked Mr. Kaufman’s reported net worth was a not too shabby $7.97 million. That makes him #32 in our glorious Congress, way behind the real powerhouses such as Kerry, Issa, Harman, Rockefeller, Kohl, Werner. Anyway, according to his own financial disclosure the Delaware Senator and his wife “maintain broad stock portfolios, as well as $1.87 million invested in Delaware state and local municipal bonds”.

    The class warfare aspect of his title is so obvious: key words: deficit, GOP, the rich. Never mind that the “rich” are at best evenly distributed between the Rep’s and the Dem’s. But the ultra, super, uber rich, the select club of the 400 (they pay a goodly % of all federal income tax) is dominated by those who keep bitching against extending the Bush tax cuts for..the rich? if so, why not just pay the extra tax and THEN brag about your love for the rest of us.


    BR: So your position is he is initiating class warfare against himself ?!?

  12. victor says:

    BR, actually my “position” is that the extension of the tax cut for the rich is mostly ill advised especially when it directly benefits fat cats on WS and undeserving CEO’s who got themselves sweet deals regardless of performance. I dont know how to separate the “deserving” (small businesses?) from the above “undeserving”. I would favor a tax “system” that gently nudges the rich to give most of their personal wealth accumulated over one generation to the charities of their choice, a la Gates, Buffett, Hewlett/Packard. I’m sure many would object to this. I would also like to see that in our Republic the ONLY cause for income/wealth inequality would be based on different abilities, not all of us can be a Steve Jobs. All other causes would be eliminated: discrimination based on color, etc, fraud (direct a la Madoff or indirect a la Nardelli), being born with a silver spoon in your mouth and other. As for Senator Kaufman, I actually like his work in the Senate since he inherited Biden’s seat, without the headaches of an election. I did find his piece hypocritical because he should have prefaced it by “confessing” to the audience that he himself (horror!!) is rich, though not as rich as some of his coleagues who also use the GOP-Tax cut-for the Rich talking points everytime the subject comes up as if ONLY the GOP-ers protect the rich, as if being rich automatically makes you a GOP-er while his ilk is for the middle class, that’s all. It’s almost comical to watch the far right dumping on Soros, Buffett, Gates, Kohl, and the far left with their new dragon to sleigh: the rich Koch family of Texas, as if: our rich are good but yours are bad.