Gold? The hell with that crappy yellow metal — In 2010, it was Palladium (95.6%) and Silver (83.5%) who kicked some butt. So did Cotton, Coffee Corn and Lumber.

Equities are much further down the performance list, with the Russell 2000 gaining 26.3%, the Nasdaq 100 rising 19%, followed by the S&P500′s 12.9%, with the Dow bringing up the rear at 11.2%.


Hat tip Paul

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4 Responses to “2010 Asset Performance Numbers”

  1. almoniyot says:

    I would check some of your numbers… It is important for commodities to use TOTAL RETURNS and not price performance for the year. The roll can really cost many investors in commodities. BTW I believe rubber (traded in Japan) was the best performing commodity in 2010.

  2. cognos says:

    This is a silly chart.

    Going long “palladium”, “sugar” or “coffee” is much more like a single stock. In which case, many stocks did +200% or more in 2010. Even many large stocks did +75-150%. Say NFLX at +200%.

  3. Long term says:

    interesting. if oil was driving the cost higher then i understand why prices would go up. but i don’t understand why commodity profitability would go up. it would seem profitability would remain flat. unless, what is driving this is increased demand. if that is the case, it is inflation causing the rise.

  4. bruerr says:

    Looks more like price fixing than “economic growth.” Still laundering bad loan portfolios and unwrapping “packages” of bad asset-classes (bad investment or purposefully bad acquisitions in 2004-2009), exchanging them with “approval” of the fed reserve FDIC and Treasury, for clean, fresh-printed money.

    Many 1st chairs coming to Peoples Congress 2 lie about it. Paulson, Cox, Ben “no-tools” Bernanke, Deputy Don Cohen, Neil Kash-carry (joke is on u America), Tim “its complicate” Geithner, Shiela “options writer” Bair. Many liars above come to Peoples Congress to misguide and deceive, say, upper tier is given “special facility” and that natural cycle of deflation (in our capitalist society) is a “threat.”

    A threat? Stanley Fischer misguiding his younger tutelage: He whisper into his ear – using same word he use to describe the enemy of the Hebrew; a threat. Toxic asset created and distributed by insiders of wallstreet, not a threat. Deflation is “a threat.” Toxic asset distributed by the brethren in high finance, (all faiths represented catholic protestant except muslims seldom a jesuit and some מַצָּה‎ Matzah eating clansmen). Together it is a f fest. They put the toxic parts into pension funds and many competitor firms for which to distress them; not a threat. Deflation is “a threat.” (Indoctrination … they have been “chosen” to save the U.S economy.)

    Overall. Its got a bad faith odour to it. impropriety: not just the appearance but the raw crude face. Turpitude fornicating with high office over the asset classes of the middle and lower class and their sub prime components. Some being told to move from their houses. Served official papers in the bright bush administration. Screwing them out of their down payment. Fraud in the conversions and transference. Concealed. No transcripts. No testimony into evidence. No evidenciary findings. No discovery. Once in the administrative branch, under Paulson it all comes to a bonus award. And some bliss like a great big phu c king org a sm. Oh. Bad faith bring it to me darling. bad faith. bad faith.