I mentioned in comments last week we were 48% cash in our Long/Short Portfolio; One of the asset allocation models we run is now 20% cash, 20% bonds.

As we are starting to get into the meat of the earnings season, more and more profit taking is likely. We are overdue for a pullback, and the past few earnings seasons have ended with markets dropping. Hence, our (small) QID) position.

Our current holdings/entry prices/weightings in our managed accounts Long Short portfolio are after the jump.

Recent sales:

-EK (recently stopped out)
-BWA, IDCC and RAX was sold off several weeks ago.

Current Holdings (still long):


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8 Responses to “48% Cash; Reducing Positions”

  1. ashpelham2 says:

    Might I just add that I’ve reduced some positions in my own small fry portfolio, notably, energy. After a nice 40% run up in BP, I’m closing down that position some. We are indeed overdue a correction, and it might start with commodities and related companies.

  2. Gatsby says:

    You must have killed on RAX if you sold more than three weeks ago.

  3. wpw says:

    Can’t say it is a bad call. I am seeing signs $90+ crude is a serious headwind for many parts of the global economy.

  4. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    BR, is it just me, or does someone at your firm love weekly inverse H&S bottoms and weekly cup/handle patterns?

    The ones on your list look good, but along with stops, keep in the back of your mind the CSCO monthly chart from 2002-2007. That looked like a very nice cup/handle pattern that broke up, but it was a false break.

  5. BR,

    when you Sell stocks, do you, subsequently, Short them?

    (it’s a question that, when directed to me, I don’t have a good answer for..)

  6. Ny Stock Guy says:

    Once again Barry, thanks for the heads up.

  7. Greenspan screwed us says:

    Missed this post. Thanks!