Bill Black, author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One and an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Professor Black has been publishing a lot lately (see the 3 part series on How to regulate mortgages) and recently launched a more active web presence at New Economic Perspectives.

Bill is a white-collar criminologist who has spent years working on regulatory policy and fraud prevention as Executive Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention, Litigation Director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and Deputy Director of the National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement, among other positions.

You should bookmark his blog now.


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7 Responses to “Bill Black Blogging @ New Economic Perspectives”

  1. wunsacon says:

    TBP readers <3 Bill Black.

  2. michael-D says:

    barry … thank you very kindly for locating and sharing this information.

  3. carleric says:

    You mean some of the Congressional whores are trying to cover up their complicity…..what a shock…(said sarcastically)…we shouldn’t worry so much about due process and just get a group wirh a rope near a tall tree

  4. AHodge says:

    always worth reading
    may be the winner of best financial book title of all time

  5. rip says:

    He’s very good in every way.

    And clearly not aligned with the elite, which is a great thing.

    But he is long winded and repetitive. Wish he would provide smaller bites or an overview, or recap.

    Just my sound bite trained brain expressing pain.

  6. hdoggy says:

    I read Bill Black because I read this small circle of blogs, but I get “Honest Accounting Fatigue”. This is analogous to Fed fatigue or stimulus fatigue. It does not really matter what makes sense, all that matters is how the world works. Try watching Wall Street today and the diologue has not change one bit. The only thing that has changed is that Martin Sheen is in rehab again and Michael Douglas is lucky to still have an esophogus. Cooking the books is alive and well and sanctioned.